Dear all,
I am wondering if anyone has fibromyalgia? Iwas dx 2004, underwent mx, radiotherapy, opporectomy, started on tamoxifen. I then underwent another mx and bjilateral recon, then changed to Arimidex.
Thats when my problems started. I have had bouts of joint/muscle pains which then seem to suddenly worsen, with fatigue like I have ever known. i have recently been dx with osteoporosis, and my GP (who I have very little faith in since she did not monitor my bone density whilst on arimidex- long story) has always said its just the arimidex. Burt i don’t think it is. I have the usual aches and pains with the arimidex, but this is different. I feel so tired I could just fall asleep where I am!
I saw a different GP after this has been getting worse over the past 4 years, and he has mentioned fibromyalgia, but wants me to see a Rheumatologist because my blood test showed weakly positive ANAs.

I wonder if anyone else has had anything similar?



Yes I’ve suffered with fibromialgia for a number of years, I also take Arimidex, I think this doesn’t help the problem.

I have a weakness all over and feel tired, carn’t sleep well lots of aches and pain, its hard to explain to people how bad it makes you feel.

I take Amitryptyline and co-codomol at night it does help a bit there does not seem much else that you can take for it.

I thin you just have to rest when you feel tired and not overdo it.

Hope your ok xxxSarniexx

Hi sarnie,
Thanks for your advice.
your description is absolutley right. May I ask, how were you diagnosed?
I have heard that this sometimes follows an infection around implants, but I’m not sure if that’s correct or not. funnily enough, I did have an infection after I had implants put in for reco- who knows?

hiya yes me to. i stopped taking arimedex in dec and swapped to letrozole but stopped that in may. no pains whatsoevr until last week. of course i had the ‘panic stations’ thought, was it bone mets? but i had a dexa scan a couple of months ago which ws clear of everything including arthritis. howevr i also have sjogrens syndrome which is an auto immune disease resulting in dry eye, glandular probs rhumatic things and also fibromyalgia. ive already had the ana test dont which is also a pointer to sjogrens, i have dry eye and had to have my submandibular gland removed some years ago.but like you the pain in my joints and in particular my hands and feet is horrible and i could sleep for england, it also doesnt take much to wipe me out.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia before breast cancer, had lots of pain and my blood showed up the same as yours so was referred to rheumatologist who did a pressure test. This is where they touch certain parts of your body ie chest arms legs and if you have pain in these areas thats when they diagnose fibromyalgia. I do feel that my pain has got worse since taking Arimidex though, but only have another year to go taking that so will continue.

Its bad enough going through breast cancer with the fibromyalgia, but you do have to rest when you don’t feel too well.