Fibrosis Hi there

I have been struggling with lots of pain following my mastectomy & recon (TRAM)20 months ago. Saw a pain specialist on Thursday who said he thought I was suffering from Fibrosis but did not really explain what this was. Didn’t really take it in and did not ask questions (I know the worst thing I could have done but I am having a bad time generally at the moment and feel like I am spinning out of control and so not really thinking rationally). Has anyone else come across this? He has prescribed a mix of Tramadol (aparently slightly milder than morphine) and paracetamol 4 times a day - along with diazapan if I need it. To be honest the pain is a lot better but I am slightly away with the fairies and having all sorts of side effects - feel sick, hot flushes, very tired and generally feel unwell. I hope these will ease over the next few days as the pain relief is great. I have been signed off work for 3 weeks which is probably a good thing as certainly couldn’t even get there as could not drive the car.

Be grateful for any advice or know if anyone been in the same situation. Willing to live with the side effects for a few days to see if they get better as it is the first time in over 18months I can say I am not in pain.

Thanks and thinking of you all out there.

Hi Debjay Hi

Me again (janet) just replyed on your other post. Sorry cannot help you on this one but I do hope you get on the BOLTON course it would be lovely to meet you.

CHIN UP and I send you lots on HUGS


Factsheet Hi Debjay

I am sorry you are having a difficult time at the moment.

Breast Cancer Care publish some helpful factsheets on this site
The link below may be able to help answer some of your questions:

There is also the Ask the Nurse email service:

and the helpline on :

0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

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