fibrous tissue

I found a lump on my left breast and went to GP on 24th March he referred to the breast clinic, I went to my appointment today and the consultant examined me and said he was sure it was firous tissue, but to be on the safe side he was referring me for an ultra sound and scan!!! Is this normal? and if he was pretty sure it was nothing why is he referring me. Now I need to wait for another appointment, and another couple of weeks of worry!!
Has this happened to anyone else?
x JR


This is quite normal, and your doctor is right to hazard on the safe side. Make sure they give you a fine needle biopsy also.
Try not to worry and good luck

Maria x

Hi Maria thanks what I meant to say is a mamogram and scan, is this any differant?


hi Jr

Yes this is normal. Mammogram are used to confirm lump and to check for any lumps not easily felt. The ultra sound scan is more indepth and can usually tell the difference between fibro’s, cyst and cancerous lumps. You should get the results from these test on the same day.

Although the doctor says he is almost sure that it is fibrous tissue he cannot be 100% without these tests, and like he said it’s better to be on the safe side.

The waiting around for appointments is hard i know, but hopefully you’ll get your appointment through quickly and get it out of the way.

I hope i,ve answered your questions, but if not feel free to ask or even pm me.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on. Maria x

Hi Maria
very much for the information I am still waiting for my appointment and will let you know how I get on, I was also wondering if anyone had been told it was just fibrous tissue and not to worry and then have the momagram and been told its bc?

thanks again

I have now received my appointment for a mamogram this wednesday 27th
and I received an appointment for an ultrasouund on the 4th May, the letter says ultrasound no prep, now I have recieved another letter for another ultrasound on the 29th April this letter says ultrasound fasting and I have not to eat or drink anything for 5 hours prior to appointment.
When I was at my initial appointment the consultant never mentioned anything about 2 ultrasounds, so now I am worried especially after being told not to worry that it was only fibrous tissue. Can anyone tell me if 3 appointments are normal??

Hi Jane

The hospital where I went runs a ‘one stop’ clinic meaning that everything is done on the same day (mammogram, ultrasound,biopsy) and you usually get the results the same day as well. Doesn,t sound like your hospital does this.

Your 2nd ultrsound appointment maybe for a biopsy which is guided by ultrasound to the correct spot. If this is the case, don’t worry about it, it does not hurt and you know that your hospital is being thorough.

It may be that you have got 2 ultra sound appointments as an error. This has happened to me twice now. In fact I,ve got 2 appointment dates for my next check up.

Why not ring the ultrasound department and ask if you need to attend both appointments. It may put your mind at rest.

Good luck for Wednesday, i will be thinking of you.

Maria x