Fighting common infections on ribociclib palbociclib

HI folks,

New here. My mom has been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and is put on letrozole, ribociclib, shelcal and zoledronic acid. How has it worked for other people so far? Have people with substantial spread achieved complete remission?

People who have been on it long term, it would be impossible to not get any infection whatsoever during the period you are on it right, like say strep throat, common cold. How do you deal with that?

Thank you


I was on the same combination from march 2018 until Jan 2020. So not bad going and managed to continue working as a nurse (but only in education and training). Thankfully I managed to keep well and did not pick up any infections.

Although please continue with masking up and sanitising hands. And be vigilant with regard to food preparation.

Keep safe and carry on.