Filgrastim injection

I started my chemo on friday and was given filgrastim injectiosn to take 5 days after for 5 days. I took one yesterday and it made me feel terrible, bone ache and really bad headaches. I didnt take one today as I couldnt cope feeling like that again and ive still got a headache from yesterday. Ive not spoken to my doctor about it as I know he ll just tell me I should take them. Ive heard there are natural ways of boosting your immune system like the Mel Life honey which I am taking. I wondered if anyone else had these injections and how did they feel and if I can use natural ways of boosting my cells instead. Seems unfair you get over feeling rubbish from chemo and then have to feel rubbish again for 5 days from the injections. Its making me feel so tired and run down.

Hello Emelf

Sorry to hear of your troubles. I had to have G-CSF injections during the course of my chemo (which finished in September 2007) and I was told that the side effect would be bone ache. I was prescribed Dicloflex (diclofenac sodium) to relieve the pain, and because this medication can affect the stomach, I was also prescribed Lansoprazole.

I would persevere with the injections, if you can, because it is worth it. Pain is only temporary, after all, and if it means your white blood cells are being boosted, then jolly good. The medical profession will deny that food has anything to do with it (there is no profit to be made because you cannot patent what grows naturally), but I would tend to disagree and say that “you are what you eat” (may be that is why we all got this wretched disease in the first place?).

I would like to quote a Chinese proverb: “He that takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skills of the physician”. In other words, appropriate and good food can complement the drugs we are being given.

Hope this helps
Bubs X

Thanks. I guess Im also getting sick of takin more drugs for side effects. Its never ending and I dont think that i can be that good for you. Im big on doing things naturaly and hate drugs full stop so the whole experience for me isnt great. I know its only temporary pain for something good just sick of all these side effects! Im hoping that things like Mel life honey is just a good. I know that not everyone is offered the injection either and some people would probably really want to have it.

I totally agree about diet being so important. I didnt realisethis untill I founf out I had candida last year. I used to eat whatever I wanted cos I got away with it as I m naturaly slim but on the inside it the food I was eating was slowly being me ill. I changed my diet and I am feel si much better for it.

I had Neulasta the day after each chemo.The side effect was severe pain in neck and jaw the following day.After the final injection I had no pain…ended up in hospital with neutropenia.I would persevere if you possibly can.Vx


I too have been given G-CSF injection but one dose only after each chemo starting today after my 2nd FEC. The nurse told me about long bone pain but said it would only be for the first time I took it as my body would know what to expect after that (?) so maybe try the second one and hopefully you wont get the pain. I had mine at about 6.30pm (have a looovely nurse neighbour who did it for me as I am a woose) and no pain so far. There’s bound to be a reason for them giving it to you - mine was because I have an open wound and to give me a boost to stop the WBC falling so low and thereby risk of possible infection. I have been eating lots of good healing and WBC stuff and my WBC when I went for my 2nd FEC yesterday was pretty good but if the Onc thinks its a good thing given the reason for my prescription of it then I’m going to take it. I DONT want an infection in my wound on top of all the other sh*t I have had.



I suffered from really severe back pain after my first lot of injections but started to use paracetamol (and v.small amounts of ibruprofen, if really uncomfortable) and this did the trick for me. Previously I thought we weren’t meant to take ibruprofen but the advice line at my hospital said it was ok in small amounts. (apparently they don’t normally recommend it because it can upset your stomach and worsen the effects that chemo might have on your stomach - no problems from using it myself)

Hope you overcome the pain but I agree with everyone else that it’s worth persevering.

Take care

Thanks for your advice! I will have the 2nd one 2moro and hope I feel ok!

I wonder why some people only have to have one and I have 5?

I had to have injections for 3 days in the week prior to my chemo - I think it varies depending on the specific make of drug??