Started these injections 4 days ago, does anyone have bone pain, my hip is really painful?


Although I didn’t have bone pain it is quite a common side effect of having these injections. I have had these injections on a number  of  occasions depending on the type of chemo I have been on. I think it should pass so hopefully you won’t experiemce it for too long.

Nicky x

Yes I had this on day 6 of the injections, pelvic and lower back pain. It did go with paracetamol and ibuprofen but was pretty bad! This time it has started on day 3 and I’m taking pain killers before bed, I do take my temperature first!

The filigrastan affects the bone marrow and encourages the production of white blood cells, so the pain is a known SE. My nurse told me to walk, so I did and it was definitely an improvement. Plus the fresh air was helpful in keeping my hot flushes down, and the scenery gave me something else to think about . X