Fillings on zometa?

Hi,ladies,I have an infection in tooth on anti bionics inform end dentist I’m on zometa. He said come back in week we will do filling.
Thought I was being good and rang nurse on onc ward who has just rang back and said I can’t have any dental work done and if I must I have to stop zometa for 8 weeks then have filling?
I was always under the impression I can have a filling but not an extraction!
Has anyone else come across this?
Huge hugs Helen.
Ps gosh I’m asking a lot of questions today!

Hi Helen,


I’m not sure many dentists are up to speed with zometa, denosumab etc. so I would go with what the nurse says.  I think this is an area where better safe than sorry.  I did think that an ordinary filling was okay though.


Here are a couple of links to threads about dental treatment which may or may not be useful.


Tink x