finally a bit of good news!!

Hi all, my surgeon/breast dr phoned and told me this morning that the results of the PET/CT came back clear ‘no cancer any where else in my body’, i am so relieved about this, i was blubbing on the phone to her, she said i knew you was worried about it and thats why i phoned to let you know, so hopefully i will be cured now.

@eeyore58  - that’s great news, I’m not surprised you were blubbing. It sounds like you’ve got a really lovely team looking after you too. Thanks for the update, I’ve been thinking about you. Evie xx

Hello @eeyore58  

So glad to hear you’ve now got answers and reassurances. I too have been thinking about you. 

AM xxx

Oh what a relief…I’m so glad for you. Yeap I burst out crying too when told it’s hadn’t spread anywhere else. 
I hope your treatment goes well… you’ve got this!


At last some outstanding news, so happy for you and your family.

Wishing you lots of happiness going forward with your treatment, take good care keep well and safe……I always say one day at a time.

Big hug brave lady :rainbow: Tili x