Finally finished treatment

Hi to everybody who reads this. I just wanted to come back at the end of my long treatment journey to maybe offer some reassurance to those just starting out on their journey with BC. I found my lump in May 2013 which was removed by surgery on July 5th 2013. Due to the fact it was a grade 3 aggressive cancer, although my lymph nodes were clear, it was decided that I should have 6 x FEC chemo followed by 3 weeks rads and then topped off with Herceptin, 18 doses at one every 3 weeks, taking a year. I can now understand what my onc said when he told me it was a long hard road! However, it’s all doable - the chemo was the hardest part, if you get through that all else is relatively easy. Yes, it can drag on a bit but it’s a means to an end and surely it’s worth it? We all want to be with our families as long as possible aswell as show our appreciation for the sacrifices our predecessors made along with the hard work of those who tirelessly worked to develop the treatment so that we could benefit. The best advice I can give to you all is follow the instructions you are given all the way through, try and keep doing the things you love and don’t worry about the things you can’t manage, it will get better in time. I know it’s a cliche but keep positive and build in some ‘no cancer’ days where you don’t even mention the C word. I found it helpful to write down how I felt every day and what was going on so I could get it out of my head and relax. Finally I would like to say hello to all those who went through as an ‘amazing August’ or a ‘maisie’ with me, hope you’re all doing ok, I often think about you all and the journey we survived together. Now I’m off to enjoy life to the full starting with a month in Malta - keep going girls you will all get through it. Lots of love and hugs to all xxx

Well done and I  wish you all the best. Thank you for your valuable advice, it certainly helps to hear all the bits we should know.   I will see my cons. On Friday 20th feb for my results and I believe as you state, follow the road which he is going to send me. Dreading Friday but there is no other way, is there. Enjoy your break and keep in touch, I know all the special ladies here will send best wishes  xxx


Thanks for your positive post and all the best for the future. I was diagnosed end Nov after being recalled after a routine mammogram, massive shock to get the diagnosis and then on the rollercoaster, i was stage BC no spread so had a lumpectomy, hormone therapy Anastrozole tabs for 5 yrs & 3 weeks rads which I am due to start in 2wks time. I have been struggling mentally since the surgery even though I know it could have been so much worse, I keep thinking I retired recently and this was not in the game plan, but I realise its a long haul and will take time for me to recover mentally as well as physically. I thought it was the Anastrozole making me feel low but I have realised its psychological as when I do things I enjoy and try not to dwell on the C word I feel better. Good luck to all the ladies on the Forum x

Good encouragement. Thanks