Finally got my appointment after a 3 week wait.

Had to wait 3 weeks for my appointment as our clinic are very busy. I was top of the cancellation list but have just had a call to tell me they are putting extra clinics on on Saturday morning. I’m the first one at 830 and now feel really nervous. What do I expect once in there? The lady on the phone said they are 15 minute appointments and id be given results on the day. Does it really all just take 15 minutes? I was under the impression I’d be there for hours. Really scared now!

Hi Crinkles,

Thankfully you have the appointment now, feeling anxious is hard to avoid, so best to carry on as normal & distract yourself, although easier said than done!

It can be 15 mins if it’s clear what it is. What usually happens is you will see the dr who will take a history, do a breast examination & ultrasound, you may well get your answer then. If it’s not clear then a mammogram may be done. If it still remains unclear what it is, then a biopsy may be taken, although this does not necessarily mean it’s bc if a biopsy is taken. If a biopsy is needed, then there is a further wait of week or 2 for the results.

Mostly, any breast changes turn out _not to be bc, _of all the things it can be, bc is the least likely. 

Let us know how you get on.

ann x