finally had WLE and sentinal node biopsy after 7 week wait

Hi Ladies,Well i finally had my op yesterday ,it has been a traumatic 2 months since first diagnosis of Invasive Ductal carcemoma,Grade 2 19mm tumuor.waiting to have this op.I had to go to a hospital quite a drive away for the Radio active injection on Monday ,Then yesterday i had to have the fine wire put into the tumour,i expect lots of you ladies had to have this done during your treatment,i was dreading this as i thought that they would use the mammogram machine ,they used this for the  10 biopsies and i found it to be really painfull (me being a whimp ) .I was very pleased they used the ultra sound machine to do it ,hardly fet a thing!Then went to the hospital where i had my op ,Heatherwood in Ascot,the treatment i had there was fantastic every member of the team were professional kind and very friendly. and the Ward was spotless .The Health service gets such a lot of bad press but i felt i had to put pen to paper as it were to sing their praises.Now of course i have the long 2week or so wait to get my future treatment plan,but as we say one step at a time one day at a time .Feeling a bite sore and spaced out today but i am sitting here in my PJs taking it easy.i am so glad that i am now on my way in my treatment ,as we all say the waiting is the hardest.Love Ellies x

Hi Ellies


Glad to hear you’ve had your op and taken the first step

I had the same in March, a WLE and SNB but was fortunate that it was all done at the same hospital.  It all sounded very scarey to me before hand but as you say, it’s not too bad really.


Take it easy and don’t do much for the first week and I hope your results are good


Jaye x

Hi Ellies, so glad to hear you are doing well!! It seems we are in such a similar position…I was diagnosed just over two weeks ago with the same stage and similar size tumour. I am due my WLE this week with the radio active imaging the day before!! Keep being strong and you will recover well…sending you my very best wishes :smileywink: xx