Finally............results today..............

Dear All

Hope this message reaches you all well today and smiling despite the miserable weather!!!

Well today was results day for me (and I know Honeybee is this afternoon fingers crossed). Here we go:

  1. Clear margins on the large area of surrounding tissue
  2. No node involvement and only one large node removed during surgery
  3. Cancer is Highest Grade 3 (bordering 4) - very aggressive in the words of the Consultant
  4. Triple Negative confirmed so as confirmed by Consultant a higher risk of secondaries
  5. Appointment with Oncologist on Tuesday to commence Chemo at the earliest. Is confident this will start immediately after Easter. Need to bombard system with FEC so as to ensure no spread as it is so aggressive. Thinks it will be 6 sessions
  6. Once completed then the 3 weeks of rads

So there we go that’s it in a nutshell. Seemed positive when she first started speaking but then she got to the nitty gritty about the cancer being so aggressive. I questioned her about the Triple Negative and she did not try to hide the fact that the percentage for secondaries was not great but hey ho need to stay positive about it I guess. Such a lot to get my head round and bearing in mind I have still not fully accepted cancer at all this just weighs a bit heavy at this precise moment. If I am honest feel exhausted with it all, not helped as I did not sleep at all well the last two nights due to discomfort under armpit still and of course stress!!!

Tried a nap but its a waste of time, just keep going until I fall down I think!

Lots of love to all
Tracy xxxxxxxxx

Hi Tracy, you sound like you need a hug so have one from me, my Bc is of the aggressive type being inflammatory, but unfortunatley I found out I had spread to my lungs on initial DX, so became stage 4 straight away. I still have n’t really got my head round it yet I have had my 2nd Tax chemo today and just hope it works as well as they say it should. my surgery comes later.Your results look good so far with clear margins etc so take the positives for now and deal with the rest if and when it happens.
sending you a sleep fairy and hope you can find some peace.
Jean x

Hi Tracy, have a hug from me too. Can you get some sleeping tablets - I found they really helped me after my diagnosis and before my 1st chemo,I wasn’t eating or sleeping and was just in a real state. They just helped me out a little.
I felt better once I had seen the onc and knew what was happening. Hope you can sleep tonight

hi tracy sorry you have to join us at all but being a trip neg too i know how daunting it is… but concentrate on the positives ,clear margins ,no node involvement …you will feel better once treatment begins in the way that you are attacking it and not sitting waiting you take care x

i dont think we ever get our heads round it but least there is some action now. i second the sleeping pill suggestion i used them up until starting the treatment - not every night but they did give some relief from my brain that refused to switch off.

try to concentrate on the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives.
best wishes tracy, x

Thank you all, yes perhaps some tablets would help me whilst I have a mind like I have at present…it’s only happy when its going at 100 miles an hour!!!

T. xxxxxxx

Today was results for me too. I also got clear margins after 3 go’s at it! Not soo agressive but appt with onc after easter to probably start chemo and then rads.

I am so relieved after the clear margins news that I wept with joy, will get my head round the chemo/reads stuff later!

Everyone having results, keep chins up and Keep calm and Carry on!!(variation on your name SCACO!


tracy,gosh my hun, what do i say?so happy 4 u with the clear margins. honestly i dont quite understand the negative/positive palaver?guess i will find out 2morro with my results and gameplan?!i do know they told me my tumour was oestrogen fed,does that make sense!?anyway/ lots of love 2 u,thinking of u. u go girl!!!xxxxxalex xx

Hi Tracey, There are lots of positives there with the Clear margins and no nodes. Chemo and rads will tackle the rest. I know its hard but try to focus on the positives rather than the whatifs (I’m a fine one to talk as I spent most of my time doing just that when I was waiting for results/treatment plan.)

Alex some bc seems to be triggered by particular things, others not. They can all be treated and got rid of but for some people, where the trigger is known, they are also given specific treatments to block whatever that is. Hormone positive bc is one of (probably the?) most common type and you will usually end up taking tamoxifen (I’ve just started it) to block your hormones from causing a problem again x

wandy,thanks 4 letting us know ur results! u deserve it after all!ps send the clear margins and no node involvment fairies my way 2 mo,wrong thread i know but sod it im tired,got kiddie baths and lunchboxes and washing to do!w ith love alex xxx

Sorry to bother again but can anyone tell me how they have done with FEC, are there different types or it just the one type with 3 different drugs?

Ohhh and is hairloss really likely with this one, have resigned myself to the fact it probably will but just wanted to know your experiences.

Thank you all very much for your support.
Tracy xxxxxx

result for results!!! hope yours goes well tomorrow alex, I staged a ‘sit in’ at my local hosp today was there at 9.30 eventually got to see onc at 5.30 got to have EPI but he crossed out the E so it’s just PI anyone enlighten ne on that? then TAX will find out tommorrow if it’s 4&4 or 3&3 ??? he said the ‘jury’s out’ on whether the 4x4 nec or just do 3x3.I am so confused as he disagreed with what they were saying in Edinburgh …my head is whirring too. if they do 3x3 and start next week I will get 4 weeks after last lot and could still do my holiday?? then come back to surgery and rads… what we have to do eh? xxx

sory wrong info the chemo is FEC but he has crossed out the F??? so it’s just EC??


I’m on my 5th lot of FEC. I should have had Docetaxel but was allergic to it.

I haven’t been too bad at all - the SEs (side effects) build up with each one. I think everyone would say that it feels like a fog decending on you. You feel a bit wobbly and your legs seem a little detached from your body/head. You might be sick but you are given sickness pills to sort this out and they will give you something stronger if you need it. They might give you some jabs of some sort, either to do yourself or have at the hosp, to keep your WBCs (white blood cells) up - this is good as it will stop you losing your immune sysyem completely, although it’s a little hit and miss who gets them. The jabs can make you a bit sore (i’m particularly sensitive but others haven’t been too bothered).

The really important thing is to phone the hosp as soon as you are worried/uncomfortable/in pain/sick they really don’t mind and will give you something to counter-act it. Your energy levels change, but you work out how to use the bit you’ve got - it won’t top itself up.

Saying all this you’ll hopefully find that by the 2nd week you are feeling much better and the third week is fine.

Hair. Oh dear it will go i’m afraid and my advice is as soon as it does shave it off. I shaved mine about day 10 on FEC1, when it started to pull out with the straighteners, i knew it wasn’t going to stop so i thought i’d decide when it was going to happen.

EC - is used in some areas as they think the F bit doesn’t do anything.

Hope this helps. You will have times when you feel that it’s too much to cope with (Find some of my posts!!) but once the 1st week is out of the way it all seems much more manageable.

Keep posting and join in with other posts too,my natural home is in the Woods thread and there’s plenty of room for more campers. This site has been a godsend for me for info, reassurance and even a giggle.

best of luck xxxxx


Thanks SCACO that helped anyone with info on SE’s for TAX? got to ring tommorrow to see if it’s 4x4 or the 3x3 anyone know about that the onc said when I said 8 lots I thought it be 6 he said we couyld poss do 6 I’ll decide! wot a day it’s bin xxx

J, there are a few threads about Tax SE’s - it’s also known as Docetaxol so maybe do a search for that or look in the latest threads.

Jane xxx

I’m on my third set of FEC, which is three different sorts of chemo that come in a range of impressive tubes which the machine gradually puts into the vein. One is bright pink and turns your wee pink for a day, which is quite funny in a way.

I’ve not been too bad on FEC. Bit nauseous occasionally on days 1 and 3, had bad reaction to wrong dose of steroids but solved that myself, have been able to work and live quite a normal life. Others react very differently so it’s very individual. Lost my hair around day 17 of first one - but the wigs I have are so fantastic that people keep complimenting me on my hair.

Hooray re good news re margins, good folks…

Ann x

Thank you Staycalm and Ann

I am a bit confused about the TAX bit, I just got told its FEC and given leaflets. Guess I will know more next Tuesday when I see the Oncologist.

Hey ho onwards and upwards.

J - glad to hear the Oncologist saw you today, I hope that you are feeling a little less stressed about things now but all I can say is I know how you feel, I was so upset when I was told it is a very aggressive cancer…not sure what I expected but that really hit me between the eyes.

Tracy xxxxx

when I had the CMF 14 years ago I didn’t loose my hair it just went very thin and stayed that way! so a wig would be an improvement…every cloud and all that!!!

The ‘machine’ for my FEC was a nurse. they hook you up to a saline solution which goes into a vein via a cannula. the nurse via another entry point on the cannula slowly injects the syringes of chemicals into the vein at the same time - takes about an hour. TAX is an infusion via a drip via the cannula.
You’ll probably get a walk around the chemo unit before your first session.
Some people have 6 FEC and some Fec-T - 3 FEC and 3 Tax (sometimes 4 of each).

Good luck Stella xx

sorry Tracey posts crossed , I was stunned with the news I was told by Edinburgh(whoom I trust) that the likelyhood of more node involvement very slim, then this fella today said quite possible and if I had chemo first and they remove the nodes during surgery after the chemo it would give a false reading… now that baffled me OH reckoned he coulld get his head round it but I still can’t so it’ll be RADS after the mx, what was horrible was having two seperate teams not agreeing on what to do …most disconcerting, sorry for youtoo that the news wasn’t better, let’s do this thing, we will support each other xxxxxxxxxx