finaly got date

hi all finaly got my date for my operation thats because i phoned my plastic surgeons secretary myself ,my operation is on the 20th november im not happy about having to have this cancer for another month but what can you do well not a lot eh.Also i had a lumber spine xray on tuesday this week not had result of that as yet .
I wrote this post out already i dont know where it went lol ok girls take care


Hi Angel,

I read your last posting and could feel the frustration of the waiting game.

I am glad you were proactive it always seems to work with the ladies who contact the top people or their secretaries.

Good Luck and take care

Good luck Angel - and well done for getting things moving. i’m sorry that you’re having to go through this and hope it goes well.

Hi angel,
glad you’ve finally got a date, bit of a wait though…but as you say what can you do!
I hope the results of the lumber x-ray are through and are good.

Take care
karen x

thanxs all for getting back to me and answering my posts ,
can any one tell me if they have ever had pain in there spine area ,
i do get a lot of pain up and down my spine ,to be very honest i sometimes feel as if my whole skeleton is sore and sometime so bad pains in my legs any way take care all have a nice day and night speak to you all soon .