Financial Implications

Financial Implications Hi All

The financial implications of just having had a mastectomy are hitting home hard to myself and my partner.

He took voluntary redundancy at the end of December as we had hoped the operation would be done in January.

Instead due to a very bruised me from the needle biopsy the core biopsy could not be carried out until 24th January and this put the operation on hold. I eventually had the operation on 26th April.

Now my partner is doing temporary agency driving work. As it is not classed as permanent employment we cannot get Working Tax Credits and claim for me as being disabled.

If he gave up work, he could claim Income Support which would enable him to get some money as Carers Alowance and this would enable us to get help with Council Tax, Housing Benefit etc.

We don’t want to go this route and feel why should we be pushed into 24 hour depression and boredom just because the system wants us to.

I have only just been awarded the high rate DLA Mobility rate up until then I had been receiving the lower care rate for my disabilities which are numerous besides the breast problems.

I only gave up work at the end of January as my job moved too far away for me to practically cope with it so decided to be kind to myself and give myself a bit of a break.

Unfortunately now I am blaming myself for being ill and this is taking a huge toll on my partner and myself.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

I am keeping myself busy campaigning while recovering and have set up a website to help prevent others going through what I have and I have also set up e-petitions to help people with cancer and chronic illness in the hope that one day insurance companies will allow people like us the same chances of health/life insurance and travel insurance without having to pay huge excesses.

Thanks for reading this.

Thinking of you all.


Don’t know if you are aware of the following: now you have high rate DLA Mobility, you are exempt from road tax.

Do you receive the care component? That can qualify you for Income Support.

Financial Implications Hi Tamaro

I have looked into geting income support but I am not eligible.

I have applied for free car tax - it will take anything from 1 month to 3 months to sort out.

Life just seems to be getting at me at the moment. We try and help ourselves but the more we do the more we seem to be penalised.

Its like a trap.

Thank you for your reply Tamaro.

Thinking of you.