Finding a bra after failed reconstruction

Hi all - I had a right mastectomy in June 2014. I am terrible at remembering the clinical side of things but think it was a skin saving procedure using pig skin. Anyway due to lots of question marks over possible metstasis to sternum the reconstruction went off radar until recently. Since the mastectomy I chose to walk around with lop sided breasts not bothering with the softee as I struggled to get both boobs to look the same height as left breast was large and droopy.

I had reconstruction on right breast and reduction/uplift of left breast almost a month ago. Unfortunately the reconstruction failed due to hard tissue from radiotherapy limiting space for the implant. However the reduction and uplift of left breast means I could wear a softee now with both boobs at the same level :) 

However I have no idea what cup size I am. Is it possible to measure one boob for cup size? Do I have to go somewhere for professional measuring or can I do it myself? I’m hoping to find a padded non wired bra with a pocket for softee. I previously used stretchy bras that adjust to either boob but its a thin fabric that shows the edge of the softee, plus my repositioned left nipple is permanently erect and a bit embarrassing to have on show. 

Any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello Nancy,


Have you got a John Lewis close by? If yes then you will find that they have a range of soft cup bras and mastectomy bras and their fitters are trained to fit them. I have also heard that Marks & Spencer’s fitters are good if you don’t have a John Lewis. 


Best wishes,


Amero xxx