Finding it hard to cope

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed on 15th April and had lumpectomy and sentinel node removal for biopsy on 12th May. I have been to hell and back emotionally! I started to feel much better when I got the date for the op and was doing ok until I got a call from the hospital earlier today for an appointment to discuss results and next treatment. I am so afraid, I can’t breathe. All I want to do is cry - am I going mad or is this normal?

The waiting for results after the op is probably the worst one, how long do you have to wait? My advice would be to make sure you take someone with you to the appointment and write down everything you want to know before you go. It helps for someone else to listen too in case you don’t take it all in. Once you know what your results are you’ll find a way to cope , but it may be good news anyway ! Best of luck and let me know how you get on. X

No your not going mad love, your feelings are completely normal, I felt so distressed that I actually thought I would drop down dead with sheer fright at some points! Going back to discuss final results after surgery is what happens, although you have been diagnosed prior to your op they don’t know exactly what treatment plan you will need until it’s all been checked including your nodes, I knew on the day of my op when I would be going back for my results so don’t be scared by this it’s normal procedure, I was fortunate enough to have clear nodes so am on Tamoxifen and start Radiotheraphy next week, I know it’s utterly terrifying but try not to second guess why your results will be as you will drive yourself more around the bend, I still have wobble days now bit things get better and you will be able to breath again I promise xx

The waiting bit was hardest by far for me, so as everyone said feeling worried is normal. I struggled sleeping etc and just couldn’t focus. But every appt where I got more info helped me. Am part way through this, surgery done, chemo due 10th june, and now I know I feel so much better. In between I just tried to do something fun, see family, friends etc. My logic is that cancer takes far to much away, I refuse to let it take everything. Good luck for 20th x

Thanks everyone, it’s brilliant to know there are others out there that know how I feel. Roll on the 20th May so I can move on xx

Hi Evnsds. It is so reassuring for me to know that other girls are in the same boat, that I’m not going mad AND that others have got through this. Sometimes I can’t breathe I’m so overwhelmed but that’s ok, it’s the stress. We’ll get through it xx