Finger nails turn to slightly purply/red culour under FEC??

Hi Ladies

Just noticed this morning that my thumb nails turn to purple/red ish look - the position is above the white part and not all my nail turn to this just about 2-3 mm about the white part… wonder if this is a side effect of FEC?? Sacred a bit…

Hello avonlea

Nail problems are common during chemo as it attacks the fast-growing cells and unfortunately that includes nails (and hair, as we all know!). Some people get fungal infections and, worst case scenario, lose some of their nails.

I was given this tip and escaped any problems, apart from weak nails - keep you nails painted with dark-coloured nail varnish. I’m not sure why this would help, but it did for me and a few others I know too. (I had FEC and Taxotere.)

Don’t worry and give your BCN a call if you are concerned.

Take care :slight_smile:

thanks Anita!

My kimo nurse also suggested nail polish whilst on tax. Had 3 x FEC and my nails have been fine, in fact, a bit stronger than normal as they usually tend to split at the sides.

i wonder if acrylics would have the same effect - I used to love having nice nails, but since surgery am worried at letting anyone loose on my cuticles…