Finger nails

Hi everyone I had my last chemo ( docitaxel) at the end of July and a week or so after I noticed my finger nails had turned a brown colour and felt quite tender to the touch.  They have grown as normal but this morning my thumb nail fell off and I have noticed that some of my other nails are lifting.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Thanks

Hi Twinpeakes…this is pretty much a common occurrence post TAX.  Most of mine fell off, as did some toenails!!  Just make sure you keep your nails short, clean and well moisturised, covering any really sore nails with a dressing.  It occurs because each infusion of TAX stops nail growth, and the ‘dead’ nails can fall off afterwards.  I finished end of July 2012, and by December all my nails were fine again.  You may need to take extra care in the future…mine have a tendency to be flaky and brittle…hope that helps?


Take care, J x