Fingers numb n tingling in arm with lymphodemia ?

Hi all hav noticed this afternoon that my fingers are numb and tingly. It’s 2 years since auxiliary clearance but hav mild lymphodemia in arm and breast. Starting to sorry. Shud I do something ? X rozita

Hi Rozita
You need to get it checked out. My fingers go a bit numb if my lymphodema is playing up and I get pins and needles quite quickly. I assume it’s caused by the swelling pressing on nerves etc. However changes should always be checked out as we are at risk for infection etc.
I’m sure Norbert will be on saying the same soon. I use to feel a bit pathetic getting small things checked but people are always very supportive because they know the risks we have.

Hi Rozita

if you’re wearing a compression sleeve take it off.

If do wear one then perhaps it’s too tight? Is it new or have you put on weight?

I agree with Chinook best to get the arm checked.
Elinda x

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