Finished at Last!!!

Well today was my final radiotherapy session and chat with Dr, I came out and instead of feeling good was overwhelmed with sadness!! (what is that all about then?)

I have been having ops, chemo and rads since end of feb and thought I would be glad it was all over but the tears just came and I couldn’t do a thing about them. Anyway after a celebratory glass of wine (or 2) I feel much better and would just like to remind you all wherever you are on your journey the end will come sooner than you think. (apart from early menopause and 5 yrs tamoxifen)

Thank god for the fab NHS the treatment and care I received has been second to none, I have felt looked after and considered by all the lovely professionals I have met along the way.

I now just need my hair to grow back (7 weeks post chemo and not even a fuzz eeeek) My Dr assures me she has never had a patient who has not gotten their hair back I do hope I am not her first.

Good luck to all, you have also helped me more than you will ever know I just now need to break my additiction to these forums and get beck to life.

Thank you and good luck


hi Nicky,

well done and good luck moving forwards with your life. My final radiotherapy is next wednesday, it seemed so far off back on my first day at the breast unit in march.


Hurray Nicky, it must feel fantastic! Once the anticlimax is over!

If I get to the end of my treatment without a recurrence I really hope I can put it behind me and be happy (for a while, at least!).

Know what you mean about the tamoxifen though - I’m looking to those 5 years with a mixture of gratitude and trepidation.


Hi, had dx in Jan this year, mx in feb and then Chemo + tamoxifen now, it may be the end of active treatment but I think of it as rehabilitation ongoing. The coming to terms with bc and the harsh treatments will take time to be dealt with in our heads and I think for me that’s important in order to move forward. Life is not the same as before cancer, but I am sure from now on breast cancer is part of my life’s experiences but hopefully not the defining one. I still think about it a lot and it sneaks in but in the coming weeks and months that will hopefully become less and less. Coming to terms with the past few months events and physical changes can’t be done in an instant for me and I hope you can give yourself time and space to recover! X

Congrats on getting there in one piece Nicky. I also finished chemo 7 weeks ago (Aug 24) and my last radiotherapy is Oct 30. I have a very fine baby fuzz which is not visible till close up to the mirror but I love it, and am sure you won’t be far behind. Keep me posted! Thanks for the warning of the anticlimax, I just don’t know how I will feel, but am looking forward to it anyway. Though I will then be getting herceptin as well as tamoxifen.

Think Tina is right about the ongoing rehab. 6 months down the line and it all still feels surreal to me. What happened to the pre-BC me? Will I ever see her again? Am a bit worried about how I will adapt to Real Life again. Not having to wear a bloody wig will be a big help however…


I fund finishing rads quite emotional because as the weeks went on I had become quite attached to the team of radiographers I was with. They told me this often happens.

Well done on finishing your treatment!!

It’s a mixed bag of feelings. yes you’ve finished treatment but are feeling a bit delicate. Take your time. It takes a while to get back to ‘normal’.


Well done not quite there myself yet waiting 2 start rads finished chemo 8wks ago had opp 3wks ago all going good so far Put your best foot forward and begin your new life have a good one xx