Finished at last!!

Yipee had my last radiotherapy session last Monday, 25 + 5 boosters!

Can’t say I’ve come out of it unscathed - some sores/burns but I’m sure they’ll heal, I’m being very good and creaming like crazy - ibuprofen has also become a very good friend of mine and cough isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Energy levels are nil, but I get spurts every now and then, that’s when I do my housework etc.

Just one question - what can I do for a very itchy to distraction boob and has anyone else suffered from this!!

Ahhh well done Ellachen wow 6 weeks is alot I finish Monday (3 weeks) ive not been too bad but dispite being darker skinned I now look like someone left the iron on & placed it on my ches, the itching you need to get some quartezone cream the Rad nurses ask me each day about the itching as they can supply it but now your finished id pop & see your nurse at GP’s as the itching does get worse & you cant scratch it, that cream stops the itching very quickly I was told today, but im finding puting a thick layer of aleo vera 99.9 % on letting it dry & getting air to it does wonders, im also remaining braless throughout which I think I would be more sore & itchy with one on. Ive got slight cough nothing bad

Have a good rest up & recharge your batteries :slight_smile:
lots of love
Mekala x