Finished Chemo today

Hi Ladies,

Just to let you know i have had my last chemo today. fortunately i haven’t had any delays so everything has working on schedule. I want to scream of the roof tops to celebrate but too tired and need sleep.

To all of those out there who are starting the journey i just want to say it is doable and not as bad as people make out. It will be over before you know it. It some sense time has gone really quick but in another some days have dragged.

Take care

Well done Sukes, recover well and enjoy life with not so many trips to the hospital - how I hate them!

Nicky x

congrats sukes - it is a milestone in treatment - just recuperate now and enjoy knowing it is done. J xxx

Congratulations Sukes x

Nice one sukes

glad for you …

im half way there today and that was a good feeling

but not as good as your.s cant wait till then having my last one

take care

sal x

well done in completing the hardest part of your bc journey. hope everything else goes well for u.

Well done Sukes, I know it’s doable, but it isn’t easy,so you deserve a pat on the back!

Best wishes for the future :)))


Well done Sukes - a long haul but you’ve made it.
all the best

m x

Hope riding out the next few weeks goes well Sukes.

Do you have new hair to look forward to? If so what have you picked?

I’m hoping for curly thick blonde hair (was straight fine blonde).

best of luck for the future.


Hi Sukes,
I know you have had some really tough times but you made it. Well done and all the luck in the world
Lily x

woo woo!!!

Hi Sukes,

I havent been on very often since I returned back to work full time all I seem to do is go to work and sleep. I just wanted to say hello and well done for getting throught your chemo. Christmas seems such a long time ago now.
Good luck with the rest of your treatment (rads and tamoxifen?) The tamoxifen has been fine for me, suffering with the hot sweats from the zoladex injections but invested in a chillow and a ceiling fan for the bedroom so not too bad.
I have read your postings and have been amazed by your bravery. Love to all you, your family and your beautiful girls.
Shonagh x

Hey Sukes

Isn’t it just the best feeling in the whole world to know YOU HAVE DONE IT - NO MORE CHEMO!!!

Well done and be proud of yourself you have come through it.

Hugs Heather