YES! I don’t know how but yes I finished that blasted chemo regime. I know loads of people have gone thorough it and it is doable (is there such a word?) but as an individual it feels like I have conquered Mount Kilimanjaro.

There were times I didn’t think I could go through another cycle, I just wanted to scream and punch the nurses and Doctors for making me go through this, just felt really angry with the whole world.

The side effects were the worst, not being able to sleep, nausea, sensitivity to smells, the tiredness, the black nails, the heartburn and all the other horrible stuff that comes with the chemo. But yeah its all over NO MORE CHEMO!!!

I start Radiotherapy next week; that I am so okay with. Then Tamoxifen and Zoladex. So Iam still going through this breast cancer maze but its not such a daunting task, Its like the end is insight, i can get some sort of normality again YEAH.

Don’t need anyone to respond, just wanted to let it all go. Let may feelings get lost out there in cyberspace and scream out I DID IT…

Well done girl!

Well done on getting through it Mouse - I’ve done 4 x fec, and 20 rads sessions - just have 4 x tax to go (currently on day9 of first) and then I can join you - yippeeee

Well done Mouse, and I’m right with you, I finished chemo today!!! What a wonderful feeling. Doable is an excellent word, whether it is a real one or not! So a collective hug and let’s move on to the next stage!! Well done!! Sarah x

Well done to you both…in fact to ALL who are finishing their chemo! As we all know, it’s not an easy ride, but amazingly we get through it, and come out (fairly) intact the other end, and very pleased with ourselves for surviving it.

I finished my 4 FEC and 4 Tax on 1st November, and have about 3 inches of hair now, fingernails almost recovered (toenails still dodgy), and I have eyelashes to flutter and eyebrows to raise, lol!

Take care of yourselves, I found that it did take a while for the chemo side effects to wear off, and I was exhausted for about a month afterwards, but gradually things get back to normal.

Be happy, live life, and GO GIRLS!


well done !!!

hi again SSS -forgot today was Thursday!!! how embarassing!!! I was thinking you finish tomorrow …

this is one club I CAN’T WAIT TO JOIN

love FizBix xxxxxxxxxx

Hi MouseH,

I think we met at a bc awareness day in se1, this is FANTASTIC news hhhhhhhhhhhoooooorrrray!!!

another thing to tick off eh, nearly there , hows your little one??

julie xxx

You go girl. Have a little song and dance for getting through the chemo. Good luck with the rads. I’m 20 down 10 to go … didn’t have the rigours of chemo so I count myself lucky.

Sorry - well done to Seabird on finishing chemo too

Hey guys

I’m joining in here, I had my last Tax today and felt a bit emotional and well pleased - so now looking forward to getting the next 3 weeks over me. Rads start on the 8 May.

Hugs to everyone starting, still in the middle and of course finishing - virtual party here >>>>>>>>>>>

ang xx