Finished Epi & had 1st cycle of CMF - When should we expect hairgrowth??

Hi everyone, just wondering if any of you ladies could shed some light on my bald head!! Desperate for some regrowth… been on cmf 3wks… no signs as yet??

Hi Nillys34,

I had EPI and CMF during Jan 06 to July 06.It seemed my hair started growing when i finished EPI and whilst i had CMF, tiny hairs started to grow so by July06 i have a short hair and continued to grow whilst i was having radiotherapy berween Aug and Sept06.I had my first haircut to shape it by Oct/Nov06.Then i had it shaped again before i went back to the office in March07.

I hope yours grow soon too.Good luck!!!


I am at exactly the same stage and have just over half an inch of dandelion like fine fluffy hair all over my head now with original longer straggly bits!! Look like a rag doll. LOL
I did use the cold cap just through the epi so please don’t be disheartended if yours is not so long. I can see a pixie cut coming before too many months are over. It is the maddest hair ever and I hope it manages to work out how to lie flat very soon!
Good luck with yours
Lily x

sorry for mistyping your name…hands are bit tingling…had chemo today but hey…this is another story…

Hi Lily200,
From experience, my hair regrowth was superb…my original hair was a bit frizzy and hard but since my after my EPI/CMF in 2006, my hair was so silky and fine. There was a shadow of waves but not curly.Its so nice to stroke.Unfortunately,i had to loose it again after a year…but loved it while i had it…


mine was very fine with a bit of a wave originally so if it goes finer it will be twiglets on each side like a 2 year old every day when I go to work! I love the word superb. Mine has never been close to that.
Thank you for that and I am so sorry you had to do it again, really tough and c…p so soon. How are things now?
Lily x

Hi Lily200

Im halfway through my chemo (started 1st of 3 for thr 4th cycle out of 6.)had complications on taxotere and hickman infection during May and June but now back on track wioth TAXOL(Paclitaxel).They cant give my the same EPI/CMF regime as i was exposed to it the first time round.This year, it appeared to be another Primary-on the left side ,was on the right before.Not secondary.

Taxol(Paclitaxel) is more manaeageable and being administed weekly.I feel numbness on both arms on the ist 2 -3days but it goes.I got my squeeze balls on both hands as and when necessary…I feel more of life with this regime than when i was at EPI/CMF.I was bedridden for approx first 3 days then and beamce a bit normal on ly during my 3rd week(free week).This time is a lot better for me apart my first 2 months hiccups.

i hope all things are well for you and not much side effects.

Good luck on furhter treatments.


Veelux - hi. I feel for you going through this for the second time. It is my second time also. My 2nd was on the same side as previous but a totally new primary cancer. Diff grade, diff hormonally, g3 this time, oest neg and her2 pos, last time (which was 2 1/2 yrs ago) was g1, oest pos, node neg, her2-. Doesn’t life dish out some awful blows!!

How are you feeling today after your treatment? Sorry to hear you’ve had a nitemare with them, they are not at all pleasant are they??! I’ve had horrendous nausea every time but right now i just feel washed out. Think the years events since beg March are finally catching up with me.

I had bilateral mastectomy with expander implant reconstruction and i did find the recovery from surgery hard. I went to see my surgeon last week and have to do the net op beg november to change the implants… can’t say i fancy it much…

Lily - i’m so envious, I’d do anything to get a bit of fluff on my bonce :slight_smile: Considering pritsticking some of my daugthers trimmings next time she has her hair cut ! What do you think? :slight_smile:

Emma x

when I hear of people going through so much more still, I take my hat off to them for being so positive and getting stuck in. I moan my head off all the way through this! I am sure the cold cap has meant that my regrowth started quicker although if you saw the real thing I am not sure you would be jealous for more than a second!!! I even thought of pinching the dog’s hair. I had such a laugh on the hair thread some time back when we had plans to replace hair with anything going! Emma your ideas would have been agreat asset, read the ‘whose got hair’ thread if you get a chance some time. I am still too scared to say hair on there in case I jinx myself and it falls out again. I had to defuzz my legs slightly this week though and was amazed how long the ones there are. I had not even noticed. LOL. Veeluz glad that your latest one is a bit kinder, it must get tough to start again anyway but if it affects you terribly too, doesn’t bear thinking about. Too too tough.
I am ok on CMF apart from how many times I have to go but it is really causing a problem with my eyes and mouth as expected. My family would quickly say, too much talking!
take care everyone
Lily x