Finished radiotherapy

Hi all I had a wide excision and sentinal node biopsy in February.I have just completed my 5 days of radiotherapy.I have a slight headache and a little nausea.I find that if I drink more water eat little and often and walk the dogs in the fresh air this helps .Pre radiotherapy I took 2 paracetamol and an antacid also. I am due to start Letrozole but will not start yet as going on a much needed holiday in Whitsun and dont want any side effects to ruin my holiday.My friend who took Letrozole had bad side effects after 2 weeks of taking Letrozole so she rang her Oncologist and they changed her meds so don’t think you have to suffer if there are alternative meds.


Dear boo1,

Firstly, well done for getting this far with your surgery and radiotherapy, this is not an easy task, also still very early days not only what you have been through, but also emotionally.

As regards your next part of the treatment, I think you’ve done the right thing by having a holiday and then seeing how you go with your medication everybody reacts differently. I would suggest maybe having a chat with your oncologists however I feel they will be there for you sometimes this can be trial and error they will move you to a different brand to make you as comfortable as possible.

Take one day at a time at the moment, be kind to yourself, we have all been there and now we are here for you.

Wishing you a very happy holiday,
with the biggest hugs Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:


Hi Boo1,
I’ve been on Letrozole for 6 months now. It’s made my menopausal symptoms worse ie: aching legs and joints, insomnia and mood swings. But I’ve decided to stick with it as I’ve taken early retirement so find I can manage the symptoms. I’ve just joined a gym in the hope of getting fitter obv but am interested to see if the exercise will help the aching legs??!!
Good luck with it xxx

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