Finished Rads now Herceptin

Finished Rads now Herceptin

Finished Rads now Herceptin I am off to Christies to-day to start my Herceptin will need to have a loading dose also having a Muga scan so I think it will be a long day.

Take Care Linda xx

Let us know how you go on Linda, I am off to Christie’s on FRIDAY FOR RAD PLANNING THEN HERCEPTIN CHEERS eIEEN

For Eileen Hi Eileen
everything went ok no problems with Muga scan or having Herceptin.
You have to go on to ward 5 for your infusion as they have to keep you in for 4 hours for the first time as it is a loading dose.
Radiotherapy planning is ok they mark you up with a pen and then do small tattoos which dont hurt how many sessions are you having ? I had 15.
I had my last one 12days ago and my skin has got more angry in this last week Dr has given me some cream to take the rednesss down
Rads and are easy compared to chemo and the girls are lovely.
well Eileen I didn’t get home untill 10-30pm and my bed is calling speak to you soon Take care
Linda xx

That was a marathon day at Christie (my least favourite place!) bet you were glad to get out, mind you with such a late exit there would be one consolation - no traffic on the motorways so a clear run home to Bolton!!!

I really hated the journey home after my chemo at Christie as it always coincided with the rush hour traffic. So when I was going for my rads I made sure I got appointments around mid day so I missed the rush hour in both directions.

How do you feel today, any side effects showing up yet (don’t know what they are with Herceptin - I’m HER2 neg so no good for me)



Chemo Brain strikes again! Linda, I forgot to say in the previous post that if you have a look at my profile there is a pic of me pre-chemo hair loss days!!!

Hi Fran Hi Fran
yes long day it was very busy after the bank holiday ,I didn’t get my infusion till 6 pm.I had muga scan first .
Herceptin side effects are flu like symptoms not like chemo but it can have effect on the Heart. i have been ok so far just tired I have slept for 3hrs this afternoon and thats not like me i never sleep in the day even when i had the chemo and rads
My skin 2 week after rads finished is still cooking i look as if i have been branded with an iron at the top of my chest the Dr noticed and gave me hydrocortisone cream lets hope that calms it down I am going to a dinner dance in June and i dont want to wear a polo neck sweater ha ha
Lovely picture Fran I will recognise you now when we meet up for coffee.
Take care Linda xx.

A bit grim I thought on Ward 5. What is best time for rads do you reckon.? Wish I couold get started on the herceptin it seems so long and drawn out. A lot of the ladies seem to have it at the same time as taxotere. Hope skin settles down love Eileen

Time for rads Linda

Glad to hear you’re doing well, fingers crossed that you continue as you’ve started and good luck with the scan results - when do you get those?

Hi Eileen

As I said before I arranged my rad times around mid day, they were all around 11:30 - 12:30 which suited me down to the ground for travelling as the M61 and M60 can be a nightmare in the rush hour .

Most of my appointments were bang on time or early, I think there were only 2 or 3 occasions when they were running late. They sometimes fit you in on another machine (they have 12 in total) if they are running late.

But the best bit is that the Radiotherapy Dept has its own car park which is barrier controlled, you should have been given the code at your planning session and you never have any problem getting parked - unlike the Oak Road car park which is always full. Unfortunately you still have to pay unless you have a Blue Badge.



Hi Fran
Feeling lots better this morning not as tired.I wont get my scan results untill i see oncologist in 6 wks I wont see him every time i have Herceptin .

Good Luck with your planning to-day as Fran said have your appt to suit you i had late afternoon to fit in with hubbies job as I dont drive
Ward 5 isn’t grim I have been on twice now and it is just that treatment is longer and the Ladies are all talking and getting to know one another, not like chemo suite where we went and treatment is only half hour.
You will probably start Herceptin couple of weeks after your rads finish as I did
.Have you had a Muga scan ?

Take Care Linda

Waiting Hiya linda, why are some people having herceptin and taxotere at the same time yet I am having mine after rads.There are posts from a few ladies who are having them both together. Somewhere on here a post said it was more effective when given together. I feel a bit neglected as I have had a 6 week wait for rads to start, and all other ladies who finished at same time as me are nearly halfway through. The lady at Christies said they were heavily booked hence the wait. Love Eileen

Hi Eileen
Have they said more chemo +herceptin or just herceptin after rads?
Dont feel neglected Eileen Christies is one of the best cancer hospitals in the Uk and everyones cancer is different .
I had my last chemo 2nd jan rads April and Now Herceptin.
I was not told I was Her2+ in 2001 I had CMF and 5 yr Arimadex
I also had 3 positive nodes and told i was ER+
Take Care Linda x