Finished treatment....!!

Today i finished treatment yah!!!

I’m not going anywhere but just wanted to say thank you to all the lovely people who have been such an amazing support to me. I don’t know what i would have done without you all. Thank you…xxxx

Just wanted to say thank you to BCC too, what a great organisation. I have benefited from many of the services you offer and am looking forward to the forum this month. And hopefully meeting some people from on here. Keep doing what you are doing you are great.xxxx

Am so glad to be finished i feel like a different person at the end of this. I totally appreciate life more.

And just have to say i am so sad Norman Wisdom has gone he was my hero since i was a little girl. Lovely man.

Lots of love


Congratulations Jayne
Denise x

Well done Jayne - what a great feeling. xxxxxx


so pleased for you and agree this site is great but don’t forget that whilst you have had support from many ladies on here you have also offered support to us and made us smile when we are down. Thank you for that.

You are a special lady and I wish you much happiness.

Karen x

Well done jayvee

Your chemo thread has kept me going through some tough times. I am so glad you are finished. Debx

Thank you ladies xxxxxxx

just a belated “well done” to you from me

love Carolxx

Fantastic news, well done

glad you have got to the finish of your treatment now!