finishing Tamoxifen

Diagnosed DEC 2005, 4 FEC, 4 TAX STARTING ALONGISDE 18 HERCEPTIN + TAMOXIFEN - am now going drug free - stopped Tam mid April - gained a good 10lb on the tam - (which really feels lardy) since stopping have been feeling slightly sicky and head aches + the sweats have started again - has anyone else had these feeling and if so, for how long ??


I too was diagnosed in Dec 2005 and had the same treatment as you except no Herceptin. I have to come off Tamoxifen next week and Have been offered an AI for 2 more years. I REALLY dont want to do this! Can i ask what made you decide to not have an AI and whay onc said?

Love Alise x

Hi Debsy

I have been off it for a week now after five years,its really weird, like you say my hot flushes are back with a vengence - anyone know why?!

Love to all