Firsr mammogram after treatment

Hi had my first mammogram after treatment ended in October 6 weeks ago. Got no results but rang today nurse said no evidence of malignancy but post op changes detected. I’m all anxious again as I thought I’d get a clean bill of health . Anyone else get this

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Hi @heartbreak, reading your post I interpret that as good news because of the words “no evidence of malignancy”. But do understand that the team could do a better job at how they communicate results. Regarding the statement that there are “post op changes detected”; this too would be expected as you have had surgery. i.e. when compared to your original mammogram the new one would show changes that have occurred as a result of surgery (e.g. if you had a lump removed, but that wouldn’t mean anything was necessarily wrong). I think the best thing to do, would be to give your BCN a call and ask her to explain anything unclear (& ask for a copy of the mammogram result report) to put your mind at ease.

I had my first annual mammogram after treatment last Friday so can relate to any uneasiness you feel in terms of getting results. xx


Thank you . It was the breast nurse that gave me the news. I know it’s good but still uneasy

Do call your BCN again and explain why you feel uneasy, so that she can explain or respond to any particular concerns you have.

I know that post treatment I never really heard the words you have “the all clear” or “are cancer free” (this is a question other people have asked me) from my treatment team. They gave me facts “such as there were clear margins” after surgery and I asked questions when I wanted more info. I do understand the reason for this, that’s because in the world of cancer, no one can give certainly. In terms of my mammogram result I was told it was good (nothing of concern to note/report), however in the letter sent the words used are “has not shown any suspicious abnormalities”, and that the ultrasound showed that there were multiple cysts. So it’s just the way they word results. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong, just that they can only convey factual information - but don’t always share everything verbally, unless you ask (as not everyone wants to know the details).

I hope you get the information you need to put your mind at ease.


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