First 3 month review


Had my mastectomy, reconstruction, chemo and rads and am now on Zolodex & Tamofen. Have my first 3 month review on Friday and was just wondering what to expect. Is it just questions and answers, examination or will I have a scan??

Sam xxx

Hi Sam, I just had a chat and examination on my first check up but as it was also a year since my op I was also referred for mammo. I have heard that some people have blood tests before their check up but that doesn’t happen where I am so I s’pose you may get a few different replies. Hope your check up goes well.

Thank you Smiler, just wondered what was in store, everyone keeps asking me if I’m having a scan but I guessed not, just family etc assume/want me to.

Take care xxx

Hi Sammy,

I had my first 3 month check up since finishing chemo on Tuesday last week.

Registrar (not Onc) came in, spent less than 2 minutes checking my tummy, armpits and breasts and asked if I was okay whilst scribbing on my notes and then said “ta ra!”

I was somewhat surprised that he could feel anything as he went so quickly and didn’t even ask me to raise my arm whilst he examined my good boob!

I mentioned an area of concern that I have to him and he did say “I don’t think its anything but I could do a scan?” to which I said “yes please”. He tottled off leaving me topless and then returned with a form to book another appointment in 3 months and a form to take to x-ray for an ultrasound appointment.

At this point he did remember that he was supposed to have some bedside manner and said that I could call him a week after the ultrasound for the results and that I could call him anytime if I was worried.

I think at my next check up appointment (which will be 1 year to the day from my dx) I will have a mammo on the good boob but have been told they won’t even as a matter of course ultrasound my recon boob" but other than that not sure.

Good luck for your review, x

Wow, I agree with you though Ostrich. If I’m offered a scan I’m gong to take it. Was up there yesterday as my expander implant is leaking so I’ve now decided to have the LD back muscle op and have been booked in for 30th June.

Thank you for your post


Good luck for your operation, thats the same as I had in September last year, hope it goes well for you, x

I went for my first year check up since having my boob off, and its been 6 months since I finished the treatment, chemo,radium and stuff, now on tamoxifin. I was quiet dissapointed, was told I didn,t need to be seen for two years… I thought what thef**k I was diagnosed with an aggresive cance, had the highest dose of chemo and radium. and now that’s it??? I did have a mamogram, but as you know they can’t do one on the right side because there is no boob there. So I asked how will you check if it’s not come back?, she said … oh! well if its hurting on that side for more that 3 weeks go and see your doctor, then he will refer you back to us. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH this is not what i want to hear, my husband asked why cant my wife go for a scan, you did a scan to check it hadnt spread when you first found the cancer, she said oh we dont do scans… She did say they will do a blood test on me to find out why Im still sooooo tired all the time, but she said the blood test wont find everything…

This is our lifes they are messing with here. They tell you you’ve got cancer you need chemo then radium then tamoxifin, then tell you we will keep a close eye on you when the treatments finished??? This is keeping a close eye on you???

Hi Galaxy,

I have to say I am surprised that you’ve been sent away for 2 years! I am sure there are guidlines (Nice?) about follow up as part of BC treatment. It does seem to vary widely (as does BC active treatment!). There may be someone else on here who knows what is “supposed” to happen.

Where I am I think its check ups every 3 months for the first two year then 6 monthly for 3 years. Even that is scary enough trying to adjust to not having such regular “attention”.

Might be worth checking with your PCT and Nice guidelines re check ups to see if your hospital are complying.


I have just had my first post treatment check up and will be seen every six months, with a mammogram every year. My onc did say that locally different trusts have different time periods from 3 months to annual and that my one was 6 months once they are happy that the side effects are settling and there are no problems. If I were to have any concerns between appointments I can be seen sooner.

It was actually a very good check up. The opportunity to ask lots of questions and a thorough exam. I now have appointment dates for the next two, which helps me feel more secure about it.

Eliza xx

Hi Girls

Had questions and examination & told they would see me again in 6 months as got an op in 6 weeks so back under the surgeon then, so its not as if it will be 6 months til I see someone. I’ve had a persistant headache for a week and a half which I’ve been taking co-codamol for, its taking the sting out of it but not getting rid. They asked me if I wanted anything stronger and have recommended a scan just to make sure, so I’m now waiting for that date to come through

Sam xxx

well ostrich, im just fed up of it all. I live in wales but my hospital is in england.