First anniversary checks ( orig diag withTriple neg BC

Hi, I was diagnosed with Triple neg in Nov 22 and treated with 16 rounds of chemo and 8 rounds of immuno pre op, then following mastectomy and limited lymph node removal , with radiotherapy and a further 9 rounds of immuno. Plus zoledronic acid.

The anniversary of the masectomy is around now and am seeing consultant for check up and mammogram on, hopefully, healthy remaining breast next week.

I thought I might be offered more tests - ultrasound, MRI or CT scan maybe.
Can anyone tell me how they were tested on their surgery anniversary ? Was it just a mammogram?

Also, is once a year normal? I thought it might be every 6 months?

Thank you


I had my 1st annual check up last week. I too didnt know what to expect so found it daunting.
I had a mammogram and then a second appointment a week later. I was seen by a specialist nurse (surgical) the week later who told me my mammogram results (all clear), did a physical exam, showed me how to check my breasts properly (if id known i may not have been in this position in the first place!) & answered an abundance of my questions.
Was told i will have a mammogram in years 2,3 & 4 where my results will juat be posted out. Year 5 is mammogram & face-to-face appointment then discharge.
Hope this helps.
Good luck

Hi, I also though a year was a bit too long, but that seems to be the normal. I had my first annual check up in April where I saw a nurse for examination. I then had mammogram. I got results 2 weeks later by post. That was a scarey wait - but all clear. No indication of any other tests. Have next appointment in May 2025.
Good luck

Hi I had tripple negative also had surgery last June my yearly mammogram was Friday 1st one after all my treatment I had 8 round off chemotherapy surgery then radiotherapy last September. I have just got to have yearly mammogram till I’m 50 I’m 37 xx

Thankyou all v much for replying. So useful to be able to ask these questions . Xx

A year is normal…any concerns in the meantime eg new lumps or pain …then contact your BCN to discuss …you will very likely be seen sooner…not ideal to have a mammo every 6 months …too much exposure …that said i developed a new primary cancer in the 12 months between, on the other breast…only detectable on mammo ( not palpable ) …so it pays to be vigilant… i wait between 2 weeks and 8 weeks for results …just get a letter …nhs backlofs been worse since covid in my area …no news os good news for follow up mammos…it means first checker is happy and your scan has been out in a pile for 2nd checker …the time i was found to have a new primary , i was called by phone withon a few days and given an appointment…hope all goes well, im sure it will

Hi Philippaa

Thank you for posting. Many people contact us asking if further follow up scans are offered after finishing treatment for breast cancer. It is often assumed that having routine body scans, for example a CT scan (computerised tomography), or an MRI scan will be a helpful way to check for any early signs of the cancer returning (recurrence) and that this will be part of their follow up care.

However current international guidelines indicate that body scans are only recommended after breast cancer treatment if you have symptoms that might suggest a recurrence. This is because evidence tells us that follow up scans are not the best way of picking up any early signs of recurrence.

As @Luskentyre1 @poorlyboob and @Kanapka87 say, standard follow up after breast cancer treatment usually involves yearly mammograms for 5 years or until you turn 50 years old, although follow up procedures can also vary, depending on your individual situation.

As @cat15 says it’s important to remain breast aware after treatment for breast cancer and to report any new and persistent symptoms to your treatment team, breast care nurse or GP. Remember symptoms can have many causes, including side effects from treatment, and may not be related to your cancer.

You might be interested in our publication After breast cancer treatment: What now?

We often hear what an anxious time it is when main hospital treatment has finished. It’s natural to worry about the cancer coming back, so it can sometimes be helpful to share your experiences with other people who may have been through something similar.

You may be interested in our Moving Forward resources that are for people who have had a diagnosis of primary breast cancer and have come to the end of their main hospital treatment within the last 2 years. They include our Moving Forward booklet and Moving Forward courses.

You can also find tips on moving forward after breast cancer in Becca, our free app.

Do call our helpline if you would like to talk this through or have any further questions. The helpline team have time to listen, talk things through and signpost you to more support and information if necessary. Your call will be confidential, and the number is free from UK landlines and all mobile networks. The number is 0808 800 6000, (Relay UK -prefix 18001).

If you would prefer one of our nurses to call you. To do this complete this form ticking the box agreeing to a call back.

Our usual opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and 9am -1pm on Saturday.

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Best wishes


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