First annual mamo after op & recalled

Well this has freaked me out. I had first mamo last weds after op & rads 12 months ago. I got letter recalling me for paddle view and ultrasound on same breast 5 days later. After op they told me bc was stage 1 grade 1 and it wouldn’t bother me again and now a recall. This is so worrying, has anyone else experienced this. Thank you ladies 

Hello I’m waiting for my first yearly check up so not in your position as such but just wanted to try and reassure you a little. It may be the mammo wasn’t clear for all sorts of reasons. I totally get it that you will be worried about recurrence but I guess there could be another reason for the recall. I’ve heard sometimes it’s just scar tissue showing on the mammo. Please try not to worry, easier said than done I know. Wishing you all the best. Update us if you want to on your results ???

Well I’m sure by the sound of that it will turn out just to be an imaging problem on your mammo! Everything crossed for you!??