First chemo and still feeling awful

Hi everyone,

i started chemo on the 6/6/18 has anyone else been horrendously sick, exhausted, etc etc had severe lower back and hip pain? 

I called my chemo help line and they said they would call back but never did!!  

I am now finding it hard to stay positive over a week later and still being so poorly. 


Any ideas? I’m not sure I can do 6 more ?

Hello Floss,


Sending empathetic waves your way.  That’s awful if no one got back to you from the Chemo Helpline.  I found them really responsive and if concerned they would connect me to the hospital.  Mind you, the hospital staff that I was connected to were general staff so not much help on the two occasions needed!!


Anyway, if you are still feeling rough, and especially if your temperature is high, then please go to the GP or hospital yourself and get checked out just to make sure you have not an infection (eg. urine infection if you have lower back pain) as you could be feeling unwell due to reduced neutrophills in your blood/reduce immune system.


Even if feeling better now, I would ring the BCN or Chemo ward or your Onco and inform them of the side effects that you have experiened and the concerns you have for future treatements.  Sometimes chemo type,  treatment dosages and administration times will be altered to suit the individual and reduce serious side effects.


Wishing you all the best Floss x

Hi Floss
Keep trying the hotline/chemo ward /bcn. After a week, you should be over the worse, so get yourself checked out.
Sickness can be controlled with medication, so let them know as there are lots of different drugs they can try. Please don’t suffer in silence.
Keep on eye on your temperature.
Also, if you have been doing the gcsf injections, this can cause back and hip ache.
Let us know how you’re doing.
Hugs xx

Hi, thank you for your kind replies. 

Well, Friday I was finally me again, that was 10 days of hell. I’m normally a very positive person and battle on regardless through everything, but this !!!

i really wanted to continue working around my appointments but was told no work at all due to my job and a low immunity but wouldn’t have been able to anyway and this week I have appointments again then chemo starts again. This is such fun ? 

I’m having a CAT scan on Monday and meet with my Oncologist on Tuesday, so I’m hoping a different mixture of medication will help me out for my next round. 

Positives, I’ve lost weight, I currently still have all my hair and no mouth ulcers. ?? 


Keep going ladies you’re all truly amazing ?

Hi Jill 

yes im having FEC for 3 and them T plus Herceptin and Perjeta for 4.


im seeing my oncologist today he told me before my first chemo there are lots of different drugs they can give me to help with side effects. Today is for him to find out how I was ??? and to make adjustments ?

if I was you I would ask again, that’s an awful attitude and I would be furious. 


Let me know how you get on - sending hugs xx