first chemo session dread

I’m due to have my first chemo session within the next three weeks, i find out for definite next week. I’m on one of the highest doses, TeX tax or something like that, he says its because of my age.

i will be having a years worth of herceptin, which is given through a drip every three weeks for a year (great) I’m absolutely a nervous wreck after reading some posts. i have however been told to look in to getting some home help just in case my tiredness (i am always tired now) gets a lot worse that way my partner wont need to give up work. do you think it mite be worth asking if it can be delayed till after Christmas as i really do not wanna be ill over Christmas, although on the other hand i could be at least half way through so when i look at it like that i find it hard to decide

Hi madgal

Please dont worry about chemo, just try to take it as it comes, some are ill & some are not, unfortunately I was very ill at times, but you can do it my love, even when you think you cant, my God I had days when I screamed and cried with it, but am glad I gave myself every possible chance and I would do it all again if god forbid I had too…

I look back now and it was only about 3 months ago that I finished and think my did I do that…and the answer was yes I did…

I dont think they delay as there is a time limit I believe in which they can do it…best wishes, will be thinking of you.

Pamela XX

hi there,
sounds like you might be going to start the TAC chemo - I’ve just had my second one and it really isn’t so bad. Yes, I moan and yes, after the first one I was ill, but that was solely because I started a nasty chest infection two days after chemo - had I not had the cheo I’d still have been ill. So do try not to worry, hundreds of people finish chemo every week, and I am sure the press would be highlighting it if we were all dropping like flies. There are a huge number here on this site that have gone through chemo, and herceptin, and are doing just fine.

You may well get tired, especially as you already do. But, it is not three solid weeks of problems, then chemo again. Most people seem to have a lousy few days, followed by a time of improvement, followed by a good spell, it’s a cycle, and the lousy days feel like you’re climbing mount everest but you will surprise yourself.
However, if it helps you, and you can afford it, then a home help might be an option.
None of us want to be ill at Christmas, but, if we are this year then next year we shall enjoy our health even more so. Try and remember that each chemo is one less and there IS an end to it!
when you go for your pre-chemo assessment do tell them how you are feeling at the clinic, and what your worries are. They are very willing to help and will know of all sorts of ways to make it easier for you.
all the best,
Ruth x


Easy to say don’t worry, but I was just like you before my first session and it is the unknown which makes the first seem so bad.

The nurses are fantastic and will look after you - the side effects are all bearable - although it might not seem like it some days, but when it gets you better it is worth it.

I am due my 10th chemo on Friday and know I will feel awful afterwards, but take it one day at a time - don’t look at it in big chunks or even think of years of herceptin. If you have that to come I would talk to the nurses about having a PICC line - it makes the chemo/herceptin easier in the long term, but bear in mind the fact that it needs regular flushing and not getting wet.

Deal with one day at a time - some will be bad, but there are always better days. Take care and make sure that you rest loads, It is very natural to feel the way you do - we have all felt that way. In fact I nearly ran away on the day of my first chemo. You can do this and just think that they are only trying to make us all better!

The first lot of chemo will undoubtedly leave you feeling under the weather, but for me the next lots were not as bad as your body gets over the shock.

You have to do this - when it is finshed and you look back it will be worth it and amazingly won’t seem that bad. Take a deep breath and try to relax - Let the nurses look after you and help you through the first lot.

I will be thinking of you - prepare for the roller coaster that is chemotherapy - there will be good days and bad, just remember the end game of being cancer free!

thank you for youcomments, i dont half moan innit and dont seem to be able to offer advice in return, sorry. hopefully once i get going and no wot to expect il be more help