First Chemo Session

Hello All,

No idea if I’m doing this right. 

Anyway, just wanted to touch base with February chemo starters. I’m having a port put in tomorrow morning .My first chemo  session is booked for 21st.


My emotions are all over the place. Part of me feels a bit defeated  in a way. In the past whenever I’ve been in I’ve generally been able to cure myself. GP’s up until now have been a last resort. Now here I am , me the lover of all things natural , is going to be filled with some health giving toxins !


Another part of me feels numb. Don’t know how you’re ‘supposed ‘ to prepare for this. Tried to keep myself distracted by being busy. But the thoughts & anxieties about treatment creep back in. It feels almost unreal to be in this position. Anybody else felt the same  before treatment?

Hi Ocean 21

Oh I know it’s so emotional and exausting waiting to start Chemo. I too have my pre assessment tomorrow and first chemo on Wednesday. Terrified but will also be glad for the waiting to be over. To join in on the discussions in the February thread you need to go into it and reply to one of the girls. There is no way to post a new topic. Took me a while to work it out too. The group is a great form of support and lots of information. You can also tap into any of the other months and either just read the posts or join in. Some of the earlier posts are useful as the girls have already got experience of chemo. Hope to see you posting in the February thread soon. X

Hi you are best posting in the Feb starters as that is where everyone starting in Feb goes to.  I feel exactly the same as you, in fact could have been me writing!  I dont do ill, doctors, tablets or anything else and now Ive been hit with all my nightmares all in one go.  I start chemo on 25th really really dont want it, in fact almost refused it but have to give myself the best possible chance.  I have times when I just feel normal and then it hits me with an almighty blow that this is real and I cant believe it is happening to me.  I feel like an outsider looking in but then every now and then it gets real.  We can do it …