First Chemotherapy today

Hi all

I am amazed by a lot of the stories I have read, how people are there for each other.

I feel very lonely even though I have great family and friends. It scares me the unknown of how I am going to feel and experience, I am strong and positive but I feel crap today feel very nauseous and tired. I am E and C and have taken sickness and steroids. Any advice on what to help with the nausea? Or any tips ? 

Much love

Zoe xx

Hi Zoe

Welcome to the forum. 

You may find it helpful to join the July chemo thread where you can share tips, and support each other. 

Hopefully the sickness tablets that you were given have helped, but if you are struggling, let your chemo team know as there are other drugs they can try…

Take it really easy for the next couple of days. Rest loads, drink loads and just eat a little of what you fancy. 

Sending hugs 

Sue xx 

Hi Zoe


It is a rather lonely experience ahead of you, made all the better by support from people who’ve been through it or are going through it. I didn’t learn till the end of treatment that, in Yorkshire, there’s a facebook support group! There’s loads of support here and talking to one of the nurses is always reassuring - it’s a great service. Why not ring them now?


Nausea and sickness were my great fears. If you’re feeling sick after EC, despite the steroids and anti-sickness meds, ring your oncology team immediately and ask for additional help/advice. I took cyclizine but I was also provided with a back up because of my fear - metoclopramide - which I never needed. The team needs to know how you’re reacting so they can adjust your next treatment doses. They may add an additional anti-nausea drug to your prep dose. So I can’t advise on remedies like ginger tea as I didn’t need them but I can say how important it is to tell your support team. No one needs to go through avoidable unpleasantness though it’s possible, once you finish your steroids, that you will hit an EC slump which is unavoidable for some. Not everyone gets it though.


I was also advised not to eat 3 meals but to eat a good snack every two hours without fail and to drink as much water as I could.


Good luck. It’s not an easy time ahead of you and yes, it feels lonely even when you’re surrounded by family and friends, but there is a lot of loving support from complete strangers which is very reassuring. Take good care of yourself and USE the support team x