first day of radiotherapy

Hi ladies,can’t believe this day has finally come it’s been one long journey.the first day of zapping these horrible cancer cells.could anyone tell me what is the best cream to use throughout my treatment x

Hi daiseykins,
Depending on which hospital youre with depends on what you can use ! There are lots of creams, lotions and potions that people use, aqueous, e45, aloe vera gel !
My radiotherapists only let me use their tubes of aqueous cream as it had no metal particles in at all ! I ended up stopping the aqueous after my main treatment of 3 weeks and starting my boost for 1.5 weeks. To let the skin dry out … its an easy treatment to have, skin can get a bit red, itchy, hot but im out the other side and am just peeling now :slight_smile: sad but was so happy to actually get a bra on yesterday :slight_smile:
Good luck youre nearly there !
Oh if you get a rash underneath ask for mepilex dressing, they gave me some on my last treatment day its great stuff takes the heat away and stops any itching
Kay x

Hi Daisykins. I’ve had 13 sessions so far (12 and 4 boosts still to go). Like Kay I’m only allowed to use the aqueous cream I’ve been given and only use simple soap as instructed by the radiographers. I use the cream 3 or 4 times a day and my skin is holding up well so far.

Hazel x