First day of Tamoxifen

Hi all,

Today is my 1st day on Tamoxifen, I don’t know if I am doing the right thing taking the treatment. I can see people talk about percentage of benefit. I don’t know what percentage of risk.

I had a lumpectomy surgery 7 months ago and 5 cycles of Radiotherapy 4 weeks ago. Do I really have to go through sides effects, after all that happened I am not sure if  I can deal with all side effects people talk in the forum.

Is anyone starter and gave up?

Thank you.

Hi Lamont… i know how hard it is weighing up treatments options…so I completely get where you are coming from…l’ve been on both tamoxifen and letrozole… I think its important to remember that percentages are only about a population…they are not about you…so I was told I had a 6% benefit with letrozole…that relates to my cancer type…but for me as an individual,  that percentage might be 90 % or 1% …and thats the thing…we just never know… for me personally, I am not a risk taker in any part of my life …I needed to know I had taken every possible step to reduce the risk of secondaries…but we are all very different people … with regard to side effects,  …you may or may not get them…they may be minor or intolerable…you just don’t know until you take them yourself…posts on this forum will always be more about the difficult side effects as those tolerating hormone tablets well, will tend not to post, as they are happily getting on with life… would it be an option to start taking the tablets and see how you get on…then maybe review if things aren’t working out?  But of course the choice will always be yours to make…but I would say make sure it is an informed and evidence based choice…I wish you well …take good care