First dose of taxotere - progression of side effects?

Hi everyone.

I had my first taxotere on Tuesday, and Wed & Thurs felt light-headed & woozy but not too bad.

But on Friday (day 4) I felt dreadful - bowel cramps but no diarrhoea (sorry), faint, weak, sicky on and off, I could barely move off the bed except to sleep on the floor in the bathroom for 3 hours for fear of the cramps.

I hoped I might feel better today, but barely so (though I am ust able to type this.) Also my throat is sore - isn’t it too soon for that?

I have been sweating like a pig on and off because I stopped hrt 8 weeks ago, but my temp hasn’t gone above 37.1

Is this the normal progression?

Also, I don’t know what I should be eating.

Help :frowning:

I had four cycles of taxotere last summer… I had mine on wednesday - was okay on the thursday and friday… But woke at about 1am on the saturday morning with just about every single taxotere side effect on the list… My joints hurt so much I couldn’t move, sore dry throat, it felt like someone had stuck a red hot poker up my bum etc etc etc… I also started getting breathless a couple of days later… The side effects seemed to start going away the next wednesday…

The main one i had that got worse over the four cycles was the breathlessness…


Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. I’m having Taxotere along with AC and have very similar symptoms to you and Theresa. First couple of days aren’t so bad then the SE kick in big time and I’m bedridden for a week, like you crawling to the bathroom. Drinking loads and loads of water definitely helps even when you don’t want it try and force it down, and flush the bad stuff out. Food is off the menu for me too but I have soups when I start to feel better. It’s hard going but look forward to a good week at the end of the course, I try and plan something nice to do so there’s something to look forward to. Di

I had all the se’s mentioned and found that the pain was worse on the first cycle,the breathlessness and taste and diarrhoea were cumulatively worse as was the weakness in my limbs.It started to improve about 4 weeks after final treatment.Drinking very cold sparkling water helped,pineapple[fresh]was good and I craved salty foods.I couldnt face anything with milk and tea was disgusting except for lemon and ginger tea.Butter was a no no but I could manage cheese.Anything lemony was nice too.
Good Luck,

Thanks for all your comments. I’ll just hang in there, then…


I had 6 rounds of taxotere last year, the symptoms and SE did get worse each time, and like rhapsody (and others) I seemed to have every side effect going including the ones they don’t tell you about.

Stomach cramping was one of the worst SE, usually started about day 3 after tax and lasted for about 4 days, usually accompanied with diarreah also. This was relieved by taking Spasfon tablets. Like Val I too craved salty foods and found Perrier water was ok to drink. By end of week 2 I was normally just beginning to get back to “normal”.

Hope you get some comfort from it soon, hang on in there. It didn’t take me too long to get over all the SE’s except the tiredness, but I had a mx and rads, and still have Herceptin so I’m never sure which caused what.

I finished 6 Taxotere in March and also had every side effect there was (except nausea). I found the first cycle to be the worse by far, especially for pain in the lower groin and joints. I found co-codimol to be very effective though.

Towards the end I got peripheral neuropathy in my fingers and toes and still have it mildly in my toes.

It’s a tough chemo so hang on in there, you’ll get through it.

Good luck


My onc recommended Immodium for the bowel cramps and it did help.

Good luck.
Anthi x

BoneyL I still have slight pn in fingertips and toes 2+years post tax!


oh great, that’s really made my night!


Hiya Steph,
Hope I’m not barging in here??
Just wanted to tell you my experience with tax .
I had 4x4 EC & Tax just finished 4 weeks ago (surgery next jult 1st GULP!!)
The first dose I the SE started around day 3 I started with the sludgy gob! which turned into the worst sore throat that I have ever had the pleasure to meet! and it also lasted the longest around 7 days.
I had agonising shooting pains all over they lasted around 3 days ,I had constipation (nice!) but I only just got over it all when it was time to start again!
I stayed in bed too as there was no way I could get up.
By Tax 3 my legs were wobbly but did start to recover slightly then tax 4 legs were worse than ever, now even after 4 weeks gone from my last lot I can hardly walk now my legs are not good at all I have to keep stopping all the time my knees have been collapsing occasionally and my thighs well dare I mention them??
My thighs are the worse out of knees. feet and legs.
Now my feet have ballooned as you can see and Ive got surgery soon god knows how I will be??

But you probably won’t get all of these if your at all worried ring
your BCN up, hope everything goes alright,love caron x

My bowel cramps have been agony on and off since last midnight. (It’s now 5pm) Co-codamol & buscopan did very little, so I phnoed the emergency onc line who advised me to get Medoc (the out of hours service) out. A lovely doc arrived at 9am, and prescribed some oromorph (?) which works for a while. Nothing works for more than a couple of hours.

How long do the cramps usually last?


I’ve had 3 courses of Taxotere. First was 8 doses, 2nd was 9 and just finished course of 6. This is along with Xeloda. The SE were just awful. Like everyone else first couple of days OK then 3rd day just hits you with a bang. Exhausted, sore joints, constipation ( could be steroids caused this), sore hands and feet. Lost some finger nails and toe nails. Nails have never recovered.
Took Movocol for constipation which helped slightly. Each course had bad white blood count and was hospitalised on a number of occasions. Getting break from chemo over summer then probably have to start again in about 6 - 9 months.
The joys of chemo!!!

My feet are 50% numb 30 months after end of Tax! I’m told it might not get any better, grrr.

Hi there I start my first taxotere topmorrow so looks like I am going to have fab time(?) I thought ec was awful last time round ,but have asked for GSF as my immune system crashed so badly last time I ended up hospitilised and the chemo withdrawn , so perhaps that was what made secondary occur I dont know. However what else can we do ? Good luck to all

To Ruffy and anyone just starting on Taxotere, just to let you know I had Taxotere a couple of years ago and it wasn’t too bad for me. If I remember rightly days 3 and 4 were the worst, I just couldn’t get comfortable. Tired throughout as is normal with chemo, and by the 6th cycle I had a funny taste in my mouth. Lost my appetite too but that may have been because my Dad died.I just wanted you to know that you may be lucky and be like me. xxx


I’ve tried googling Spasfon and only come up with French and Spanish sites. Do you just get it on prescription from your onc as normal?



Hi Daviesuk

If you want to PM me your email address I will copy the information leaflet for you which is written in English.

I live in France so maybe that’s why I get them on prescription.

Maybe the active ingredient is a different named tablet in the uk?

P xx