First mammo/clinic appt since surgery

Went to the clinic today to get the results from the mammo I had done. I was quite surprised as when the Doctor came in it wasn’t my surgeon but another on the team and I didn’t really feel I could have a conversation with him as I have only met him once before when he did a ward round. He asked if I wanted to see anyone whilst I was there, but said that he had asked my breast care nurse if she wanted to be there and she had said “no, if there is anything wrong she would have rung me”. I actually felt a bit deflated, especially as my appointment was 2 months overdue and I could see my surgeon floating about when I was in the waiting room. Think my OH was surprised as well because he didn’t know this other Doctor from Adam when he walked in.

Anyway, he said they don’t have the full report from the mammogram yet, but he showed me it and said there didn’t look as if there was anything to worry about. He checked the fact that my breast is still swollen from the rads and also remarked on the skin still being red and said it might take a fairly long time before it settles down properly; he also told me thickening around my scars was due to the rads not settling.

I was given a card to hand in at reception for an appointment in another 12 months, but I noticed he ticked the box for my surgeon. I just felt a bit as if I had been dealt with and then passed on tbh - the clinic wasn’t particularly busy, but I did see a few new patients (the first visit questionnaire is a dead giveaway) so I think I have to assume that my surgeon was dealing with them as he is the head guy. Consultants eh?

A rough couple of days as my Herceptin went pear shaped yesterday due to no veins (the nurse even tried my feet) so the medical company are sending another nurse tomorrow. Between that, starting a new job and lack of sleep from gale force winds this week I’m shattered.