First mammogram a year after being diagnosed

I have now got my first mammogram a year after my lumpectomy & radiotherapy. It says it will take 40 mins if not more. What is different about this mammogram to the routine one you have every 3 year? Just would like to know what to expect before I go.

Hi Helshaw,

Interesting they say that. For my first year mammo, it was the same for my screening ones & I was in & out within 15mins. 

Maybe I’ve missed out on something!

ann x

Hi the mammogram definitely won’t take 40 minutes, it will include a check up with your surgeon as well so don’t worry ? Xx 

I had my first mammogram last Friday, a week short off a year of my op. It was just a usual mammogram, but no check up after of my op site. I didn’t know what to expect really, but felt confused. I expected an examination! D x

Sorry, I am newbie on this forum. Have been looking here since being diagnosed last November, but only just become a member. I have found it very useful for info and good to know other people are going through the same and having the same feelings. Perhaps I will get an appointment with my mammogram results. She said roughly two weeks for them. Feel a bit daft now to have expected more, I just thought that I would have been examined. D x

Thank you Sue C, just seen your comment. D x

Just had the results from my mammogram, all clear thank goodness. But still no appointment for a check up on the mastectomy side. I asked at the time of my mammogram if I would be having it checked (thought probably an ultrasound) but told as I didn’t have any breast tissue, nothing to examine, unless I was having any issues. To be honest I felt a bit daft asking then!
Regards Dx

Hello Sue C, sorry I haven’t replied before, Christmas and all that. No I didn’t have any other treatment after the mastectomy. I know I am so lucky, especially after having a hysterectomy in 2015 because of the big C. No treatment needed after that too.
But I still feel anxious from time to time wondering what next. I do have other health issues… X linked Osteomalacia, arthritis, under active thyroid to name a few. Feel rubbish most of the time but just so thankful I’m cancer free. But that’s the problem, I can’t believe I am and just get stressed over it, I know it’s mad. Dx

Well I had my first mammo just before xmas and like above it was exactly same procedure. I would’ve thought they’d tell one straight away instead of having to wait for results by letter. All I can say is it hurt so much more than normal on breast that had cancer. Good luck & hope results are positive.