First mammogram after breast cancer last june


Ive was diagnosed last June and it was caught very early so ive been extremely lucky. Like eveyone its on your mind everyday and the thought of it coming back is very fearful. Ive got my annual mammogram tomorrow- 1 year on- and since i got my appointment letter im fiñding it hard to sleep at night due to imagining the worse. I was just wondering if after having breast cancer the waiting time for the results will be any different. The letter says 3 weeks. If something comes up on the scan tomorrow can the person doing the mammogram see it and would they do a biopsy tomorrow or are the scans sent away as normal and ive to wait 3 weeks.

Thanks xx

I don’t know if everywhere does the same thing. I had my first annual mammogram a little over a month ago. The appointment letter just gave a date and time of the appointment.

I was expecting “something” to be said on the day but it was literally into the changing room, undress, then into the x-ray room. Two pictures were taken and then the radiographer quickly checked the images to check the quality. Then she said I would get a letter in about five weeks. Thankfully it wasn’t quite that long, and there was nothing to report this time.

I agree that the waiting can be really hard. I hope your scan goes well for you.


in my area, it’s just a routine mammogram…2 pictures of each breast ( front and side) … and they always say ,results in up to 8 weeks.

i have had BC 3 times…so have had around 10 yearly mammograms… the 2 times I have been called back as abnormalities have been seen…it has been a phone call within the week to give me an appointment for biopsy…all the other times I have been sent a letter within 2 to 5 weeks to confirm clear scan.

Hope you don’t have to wait too long.