First Mammogram after Completing Treatment


I was diagnosed last September 2019 with Grade 3 invasive ducal carcinoma, ER+. I had a mastectomy October, then chemo starting January 2020 followed by 15 rounds of radio commencing in May 2020. I was wondering when I would be called for my first mammogram following diagnosis, will it be a year from when I was first diagnosed or a year from when I finished treatment?

Many thanks 

Pirate Muppet


Congratulations on getting through all that. Mine was 12 months after surgery and I’ve just had that dreadful sinking feeling as I realise my second is due soon and I HATE mammograms! The simplest thing would be to email your breast care nurse - she’ll know hospital policy and whether there are likely to be delays owing to pandemic backlog. X

Hi Pirate Muppet - I was diagnosed December 2016, had chemo then surgery, and my mammograms are usually in November each year (so diagnosis anniversary, rather than surgery). I agree with Jaybro, give your BCN a call as each hospital seems to do things differently.

I hate that time, so big hugs to you and everyone about to have their annual mammogram.

Evie xx

I’m thinking a year from Surgery ? In my case I had op last year ( aug 1st ) and was clear 3 weeks later - have phoned as I was worried about backlog for mammogram ( Covid ) 

Ive been told I am due one any time now  as it is annual - backlog is 3yr routine .


My consultant said it is a year after surgery, but it could be different in different hospitals.

I just had mine and am awaiting the results. 

Good luck