First mammogram after lumpectomy... and other things

Hi all

Sorry - I have a few questions that I have been thinking about for weeks now so hope you can advise:-

Had lumpectomy for DCIS in March 10 followed by rads.

  1. In the next few weeks I am going for the first mammogram since the Op - is it going to be painful because of the surgery/rads?

  2. I still can’t bring myself to touch my boob since the op so I never check it, partly because when I do touch parts of it I know I am touching it, but there is no sensation in the boob of it being touched - which just makes me feel nauseas. Does anyone else have that numbness?

3)I had been going to physio twice a week after surgery until early Dec just to stop swelling occuring. However since I stopped going I’ve noticed my boob swelling a bit and getting rather uncomfortable and a bit itchy. Wondering whether it is just because I no longer go and it will calm down eventually, or if there might be slight infection or something.

I am seeing the Oncologist on Friday (made the appointment ages ago, not as a result of the swelling).

If he thinks there is some sort of infection, would he just give me anti-biotics or would they do some sort of aspiration? I just want to prepare myself so it doesn’t come as a horrible surprise.


Hi Spudhirl

I can answer question 1, but its not the answer you are hoping for! I had wle and rads in March/April 2008. I am due my 3rd mammo since, next month, and i am dreading it. That breast is still so tender. The last 2 mammos have been soooo painful so im thinking i will take painkillers before i go to this appt.

Good luck

Hi Lolly73

Thanks for that - at least I’ll be prepared :wink: Great idea about the painkillers, I think I’ll do that.