First mammogram after lumpectomy

Hi, am going to hospital tomorrow for first mammogram after lumectomy last year. I had 15 seasons of radiotherapy but no chemotherapy. Is it likely I will get results on the same day? If they find nothing untoward? Thank you in advance :smileyhappy:

If you are NHS they seem to take anything from 1-4 weeks. Just had mine today & took painkillers first.  Radiographer said to keep shoulders down & take deep breaths.  Not too bad.  My place does same day results. Good luck.  xx

Hello Bimbo, was just like you with treatment.  Had my first annual mammo in April - had to wait a REALLY LONG 3 weeks till letter arrived, which seemed the pits at the time, but am now a Neddie in the paddock, so was worth the wait.  I’m in Wiltshire and was promised within a couple of days, maximum 2 weeks. Humph. Keeping a space in the paddock for you. :catvery-happy:

Quick update…Saw a Doctor and he examined both breast and said all seemed to feel fine. They are sending me appointment for a mammogram in the next week or so. I won’t get results for a couple of weeks. Ah well :confused:

Bimbo my onc said almost all first mammos are ok, because we’ve recently had treatment, so try not to worry. I think they’re a bit less rough with you when they know you’ve had it. Congrats NEDS. Xx

I had my mammogram on June 6th. Still waiting for results.  I had a bone scan on May 16th & still waiting for results. When ever I phone the hospital I just get an answer phone.  Yesterday I rang the surgeon’s secretary. Answerphone again. Left a message but I have had no reply. This is Norfolk & Norwich hospital.

Nice one Monica!!!Its such a relief isn’t it,the waiting is horrible brings back all the feelings from last year.

Thank you so much for your kind comments.  I think this is such a wonderful forum. 

Monica xx

Hi Bimbo, at last I’ve found someone else who didnt have chemo. Thank goodness!  I’ve got my appointment for my first mammogram after lumpectomy in October.  I had 20 rads in March.  How are you feeling? My Breast Care Nurse told me that after my mammo, I will need to wait 2 weeks for the results, though they will try to get them back to me as fast as possible.  It’s such a nerve-wracking time, isnt it, as it is for all of us ladies.  Keep strong and positive. Best wishes. Kate