first mammogram after mx and chemo

I’m about to go next week for my first mammogram post mx and chemo, feeling very nervous as it’s exactly one year to the day when my bc was first diagonsed, can anyone tell me what will happen, I’m assuming they’ll only screen the ‘good’ breast, what happens to the treated side where I had a mx? Is that side not screened?
Any advice gratefully received


Hi Jude I have been wondering the same thing I have my first mammogram in 3 months time and would like to know what happens on the side were I had the mx, hopefully some one will come along and tells us,

Hi Celia&Jude, first mammogram after treatment was for me in January, I had an appointment with the surgeon who checked the scar area of my mx/recon side and the mammo on the other side was done at the same time, quite quickly. It’s always weird to sit in the same place as one did during the initial testing, same radiographer as well for me! Results took a 10day wait for the letter. Good luck. X

Thanks Tina its good to know what to expect,

i, I had my anniverary mammo on remaining boHob last week, just like a normal mammo (painful!). my MX side was examined on visit to surgeon 12 months post MX. I will ring my BC nurse next week who will give me my mammo results before i get the letter

good luck

Thanks everyone for letting me know what to expect on Thursday, really appreciate it, I’m sure it will be nervewracking to wait those 10 days for the results though.
Although I feel ‘back to normal’ I know I will be relieved when this one is over.



I went for my first Mammogram post MX and when I asked the surgeon how they test the side with no boob he said there is no breast tissue there to worry about. Not had my results yet and am too scared to ring. Is no news good news or are they sorting out the results!? So scary!!

I think it’s absolutely disgraceful that they don’t have the decency to post out our results to save us having to worry.

Mine get sent to GP and I hate having to mess around phoning them.

As for the other side, a doctor at my 6 mthly review, who had never seen me before and didn’t seem particularly familiar with my case, felt it and pronounced it ‘ok’