First mammogram after treatment-very scared

I was diagnosed March 2013, had WLE, SNB, Chemo and Rads as was HER2+. Now having Herceptin. I (think) I’ve coped ok with everything but today have had the date for my first mammogram and am really scared about it!!! My cancer breast is slightly smaller than the other one and quite lumpy which worries me at times though I reassure myself that this is probably normal following Rads which I finished the end of Oct last year. I am convinced that the cancer is/will come back.To say it’s been an awful 12 months is an understatement. Following my diagnosis, my brother had a breakdown and is now in a rehab unit. He saw the dentist 3 weeks ago and was referred to hospital for a biopsy as there was a suspicious lesion in his mouth. Thank God the results (which came back today) were negative. Also my Uncle whom I was very close to passed away 2 weeks ago so all in all things have been a bit c**p. I am naturally a happy go lucky positive person but am really struggling at present and my poor Mom and Dad are trying to support everybody. Any advice or words of wisdom would be very much appreciated. Just feeling overwhelmed by everything at the moment.

Hi there I was in a similar position last October.

I had right mastectomy Nov 2012 coped with all the treatment still coping with Herceptin.

Had Mammogram and ultrasound of chest wall all clear.

I too felt overwhelmed and spoke to the surgeon and BCN.

They where both very understanding and encouraged me to Take up counseling and attend moving forward group.

I am glad to say i did and am being supported through the fog so just wanted to say there is help and you don’t need to be alone.