First mammogram!!!

Hi, first mammogram since treatment.  Any advice/ reassurance would be gratefully received. Trying to keep busy but brings everything back. Not nice! 

Hi SJ, I’m in the same boat. First mammogram tomorrow and I have to wait until the following Tuesday for the results. On top of it, today is actually the anniversary of me being diagnosed… 


I’m also trying to keep busy and not dwell on it but it’s hanging there at the back of my mind and will pop up every so often. My attitude is “new year, new start” and the mammogram is just a confirmation that all the treatment last year was worth it and I can really look forward to a happy new year.


Keep me posted how you get on xx

Hi Herewego, yes all ok.  I only had one done as I have a reconstructed boob and apparently they don’t mammogram them any more - much to my relief.  I took some pain killers so not too bad.  Mammogram definitely invented by a man though.  Onwards and upwards.