First mammogram

Hi all
Well, just got back from first mammo - can’t believe that a year has passed. Really wanted to be grown up about it then promptly burst into tears as soon as I got in the room! Dont know why I am so hopeless…
It didnt hurt too much, thought it would due to oedema. I did try to ask whether anything had shown up but she told me that she wasn’t trained to read them - is that true do you think? By the time I got home I had convinced myself that she had actually seen something but didnt like to say - have had to breathe into a paper bag!
So more waiting now. Have read that could get a recall letter anyway as the fluid may show up and need to be rechecked. Today was bad enough, brought all those horrible memories back, just wish I could be sedated for the next couple of weeks.
Love to all, especially those awaiting results again.

Hi Laine,

Of course it brought it all back. I don’t know whether they are trained to read them; I would take her comment at face value. Please try not to worry. I know easier said than done. Try and keep yourself occupied and think pleasant thoughts. If, and I hope it is if, there is nothing to worry about, you wouldn’t want to have spent the waiting time agonising with unpleasant thoughts.

Margaret x

Hi Laine

I too had my first annual follow up mammogram this week. I was told in advance that my result would be 2 wks away so didn’t bother to ask. I think it is most likely that they can read the results but time is not allocated to this. I was shocked at how busy the department was and most looked under 50 to me so not simple routine visits. There are so many of us out there.

When I had my initial app last yr, I had a mammogram, scan and biopsy and was given the results after 3 hrs on that day. Therefore, there are trained staff on hand but they must be allocated to these patients and rightly so I think. I am trying not to think too much about the what ifs, and I check my remaining breast monthly and know if I had another lump like the BC one I would pick it up easily, so I am resigned to a 2 wk wait.

I think Margeret had a good point. Try not to waste these next 2 wks worrying over a possible nothing, that’s just 2 wks wasted. Easier said than done I know.


Thank you to Margaret and Irene - unfortunately I have rather wasted this past week and got myself into a right old state about it.
Decided that I couldnt go thru the weekend like this so plucked up courage and rang the hospital a short time ago - results clear. So made myself ill for no reason.
What I am going to try to do now is to get a life apart from BC so that its not on my mind continuously as it has been. I sometimes think that I am obsessed with it and almost willing it back so that I can say I told you so. There again, when I rang my mum with the good news she replied “Im not convinced - maybe you should ask someone else to look at it” so perhaps thats where I get my outlook from!
Love Laine

Hi Laine,

congrats on your news, thats is really good and you must please not take what your mum said too seriously. I know she is prob just looking out for her little girl but I’m sure if they’ve said the results are clear then they are.

So, your new life can start now, get yourself a bottle of bubbly and get celebrating!! Rejoice in the fact that you’ve had a scan and its come back clear. I know it’ll prob be hard though, as I haven’t even finished chemo yet and already I’m worrying about a recurrence and getting paranoid at every ache and pain!!!

Anyway, get that champers and get celebrating, you’ve good reason to,

Take care,


great news -it would have been very hard waiting any longer.

I’ve just recieved my appointment for my 1 year check and mammagram and its for next April and I can feel my self getting anxious already - i didn’t realise how the thought of a mammagram can effect me - my lump was picked up by a mammagram -well I’m going to have to put it at the back of my head as I have no intentions of worrying about it for 6 months!!!

Thank you so much - I can hardly believe it, had got myself in such a terrible state. Please Kelyn dont think about it for months yet - tho I am a fine one to talk, from about July I thought my world was going to end! Going to try to change the way I think now, tho will be hard, and not think every cough, ache and tired feeling is something ominous.
Love to all, Laine

Hi all

I know just how ou all feel. I am having 18 monthly mammograms because I am doing the IBIS II Prevention Trial. Have appointment for October 17th and am in a terrible state already - convinced they are going to find something. I am told that 18 months down the line if there is something there then it is early and can be dealt with but some days I am so anxious that I can’t eat. It’s the first thought in the morning and the last thought at night and it’s such a waste of energy - what can I do about it anyway - but just to let you know that you are not unique and I think it’s human nature to get up tight about these things - after all it’s every woman’s nightmare.