Hi All

As usual ‘last’!

There will be a little get together tomorrow night (6th) at the Crescent Townhouse, Belfast for a bite to eat, a few drinks and hopefully lost of laughs.

EVERYONE WELCOME especially those we have yet to meet.

Time to be confirmed but will probably be 7pm. Check the site for confirmation.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Carolyn xxx

Hi girls

OK , have booked Bar 12 for 7 pm this evening for a bite to eat and a girlie meet up for a few wines and chat. All welcome to come just let me know via the site and I can update the numbers…no problem doing that at all.

Carolyn and Julie, see you tonight and hopefully anyone else able to come along for a few hours

Carol xx

Hi Girls,

I really enjoyed our wee night out at Bar 12 looking forward too our next one , we hopefully will arrange a Saturday afternoon to suit everyone and possibly head up Isy’s direction,

Julie x